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Travel Guide: Halloween Special in Happy Valley Amusement Park


The Chongqing Happy Valley Theme Park covers an area of 480,000 square meters and is built on the mountain. It is the first mountainous Happy Valley in China. The park is divided into six themed areas: Happy Hour, Dream Island, Hurricane Bay, Dinosaur Forest, Old Chongqing, and River Valley Mine Town. It has the world’s most advanced flying wing roller coaster, the world’s sixth-largest Ferris wheel, and the longest and largest wooden roller coaster in the Southwest. The remaining are international first-class amusement projects. It has Happy Valley traditional performing arts festivals, such as the float parade of national cultures, the world’s largest international magic festival, and the most exciting Halloween.


Halloween special starts every evening at 18:00

Pumpkin town (trick or treat, family&kids)

Ghost town (different theme houses)

The carnival walk (or the walking dead carnival) will start from 18:00


Visitors Info:

(during Halloween special):

Ticket for the whole day: 09:30-22:00 (Oct.11th – Nov.11th)¥180 adult

Ticket for night: 17:30-22:00 (Oct.11th – Nov.11th )¥100 adult


Ticket for whole day: 09:30-23:00 (Oct.31st -Nov.2nd)¥180 adult

Ticket for night: 17:00-23:00 (Oct.31st – Nov.11th)¥100 adult



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