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Chongqing Flower Art Expo Still Receives Waves of Visitors


“These flowers are beautiful! Please take more photos for me!” The 2nd Yangtze River Upstream City Flower Art Expo held in Jiangbeizui CBD sees a massive influx of visitors recently. The exhibition park, Mountains and Waters in Chongqing, is jointly presented by 21 districts and counties of the city.

Flowers beautiful in different ways attract visitors’ eyes.

Jiangbei Exhibition Zone, the host of the Flower Expo, is decorated with numerous rare flowers. It integrates space design with green technologies to present the natural landscapes of Jiangbei District and Chongqing’s features. As a result, visitors can know the improved urban quality and landscape construction realized by ecological wisdom.

Jiangbei Exhibition Zone, the host of the Flower Expo, is decorated with numerous rare flowers.

Yunyang Exhibition Zone displays miniaturized Cloud-climbing Ladder, Moonlight Lawn, Cloud Bridge, and other famous local attractions made by flower arrangements. The Cloud-climbing Ladder is especially attractive for it uses a flood of flowers. These exhibits show the livable eco-environment of Yunyang, highlighting the harmonious co-existence of nature and humans there.

Dianjiang, reputed as the Hometown of Peony, also sets up an appealing exhibition zone. It is themed on Pass Culture and dotted with stone mills and flagstone-covered paths. Peonies stand everywhere in the area, turning it into a classical garden. The exhibition zone unveils the profound cultural background of the ancient county, beauty of peonies, and features of Dianjiang as the Hometown of Stone-ground Tofu Pudding.

Source: Chongqing Daily


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