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Chongqing Gala of Time to Open in Jiazhou This Saturday

By XINYI LI|Nov 08,2019

Capturing the city in its timeless creativity, Chongqing Gala of Time is custom-made for Chongqing. Combining elements of culture, science and technology, fashion, and creation, it will be an incredible banquet to eyes and ears and a unique name card for visitors to know about and love Chongqing more.

Co-sponsored by Chongqing Daily News Group, Chongqing Foreign Culture Exchange Center, the Publicity Department of CPC Yubei District Committee, and the Bureau of Commerce of Yubei District, the Chongqing Gala of Time will be unveiled at Jiazhou Business Circle in Yubei District on November 9. It will last for a week and end on November 17.

Chongqing Gala of Time will begin on November 9, which is this Saturday, to present the world the visual feast culture

This event has cleverly combined incredible exhibitions and interactive activities. Specifically, the exhibition includes Chongqing in Images, Chongqing in Poetry and Literature, and Chongqing in the Eyes of International Friends. All things will collectively show the beautiful mountains and rivers, profound culture and history, and the modern city of Chongqing. In parallel, the interactive activities are also full of variety, where posting bullet screen by scanning QR code, foreign busker show, the performance of international customs and cultures, Hearing Chongqing Earphone Wall will be available.

It is worth recommending that by utilizing LED clusters and digital screen sets and inviting people to join the interactive activities, the show will be a perfect site for taking photos and shooting videos.

Exhibition: A visual feast of exchanges of Chinese and Western cultures

The show will stage many boutique exhibitions. Visitors will watch the Chongqing Image & Poetry Show by Li Yuansheng, photography exhibition by Luo Dawan, Zhang Kunkun, and foreign photographers in Chongqing, photography exhibition titled The World in the Eyes of a Chongqing Girl by Luo Xiaoyun, the image set of the friendship of Chongqing and the world, and more.

The video shows are also highlights on the site. The promotional video of countries, shot by consuls and overseas students will be played. Besides, images of Chongqing, recorded by undergraduates studying abroad under the International Youth Film Project, will define Chongqing in their eyes.

The site will set up miniaturized landscapes of Hechuan Diaoyu Fortress and the ancient Roman City to provide the audience with a more straightforward visual experience. Moreover, there will be reproductions of sceneries such as the Dazu Rock Carvings, Baiheliang (White Crane Ridge) in Fuling, and other world cultural heritage sites of Cambodia, the UK, Italy, and so on. Besides, the audio introduction of related WCH is also accessible by scanning the QR codes, and the time axis will guide visitors to the journey of world civilization.

Interaction: A perfect match between S&T and culture

On the site, visitors will see the shows of ancient Chinese armors, flash mobs of heavily-armored infantry, Roma military array, competitive swordsmanship, etc.

At the exhibition area of Chongqing intangible cultural heritage, the manufacturing process of Rongchang Grass Cloth, Hechuan Gorge Inkstone (inkstone made from rocks of the Jialing River gorge), Fancy Candles with Dragon and Phoenix Decoration will be presented. In addition, there are performances of foreign buskers, foreign bands, living sculptures, clown parade. A reserved program named I’m Studying Intangible Cultural Heritage in Chongqing will be staged for the audience, aiming to show the cultural exchange achievements between Chongqing and other countries.

It is fashionable that the site has utilized S&T to express cultural content. Visitors can get gif-format pictures by multi-camera and 180-degree shooting on site. Furthermore, the Hearing Chongqing Earphone Wall will enable them to know about Chongqing culture and story by hearing.


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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