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Chongqing Gala of Time to Promote Featured Culture in Banan


Chongqing Gala of Time began on November 9, presenting cultural exchanges between Chongqing and the world. On the second day of the event, it is Banan Day, to promote traditional culture in Banan District, Chongqing. Particularly, the second day is promoting intangible cultural heritages there, such as Mudong Shange, Chuilong Jieda, Dragon Dance of Jiang Family, and more.

Performances, given by international students from Chongqing Jiaotong University, presented unique songs and dances of Banan. It was worth mentioning that two international students are the cultural heir of Mudong Shange. Mudong Shange is the ancient folk song widely sung by common people in Banan District, Chongqing. With various but different styles, it always gets a beautiful melody. With the love of Chongqing culture, international students are happy to learn traditional songs and share with their families and friends.

On the second day of Chongqing Gala of Time, Banan Day especially promoted featured culture there

In addition to music, there are several other kinds of traditional culture at the carnival site. Yudong Luanzhen Embroidery is a new embroidery category, which combines skills of Suzhou embroidery with western painting. Starting in 1927, it is an excellent and incredible kind of embroideries of Chinese embroidery art. Luanzhen embroidery is mainly used as decoration because the thread is weaker than other kinds of embroideries. For example, the Luanzhen embroidery skill inheritor usually embroiders beautiful images on a fan.

The performance, given by international students from Chongqing Jiaotong Univerisity

Moreover, visitors can enjoy Liu’s Clay Sculpture there. It is made of some sticky and exquisite yellow clay. Shaping by hand-kneaded, the clay works are full of reality, with exaggerated expressions of the characters, therefore, vividly reflecting the original state of folklife and distinctive features. In general, Liu’s Clay Sculpture does not need to be colored, with the original color of clay. Besides, there is traditional food, such as pickles and so on.

Mudong Luanzhen Embroidery

According to Banan District Commission of Tourism Development, Banan has collected nearly 1,000 foreign friends who study, live or work in Chongqing online or offline to learn Banan culture. Meanwhile, the department cooperated with universities in Chongqing to open cultural training courses. For the next step, Banan will continue excavation and protection of culture and invite more foreign friends to learn about Chongqing.

Liu's Clay Sculpture

International students sang Mudong Shange, which is the folk song

Dragon Dance of Jiang Family

Banan pickles


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