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Chongqing Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PLA Air Force


November 11 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLA Air Force). Chongqing celebrated the birthday of the PLA Air Force uniquely. Banners, flower beds, and giant posters following the theme of the air force can be easily found at expressway intersections, bus stops, and other places. On that day, the city was ablaze with the particular blue of the air force.

Banners, flower beds, and giant posters following the theme of the air force can be easily found at Chongqing.

On the screens in large business districts such as Jiefangbei CBD and Sanxia Square, the videos on a loop showed the development process and the construction achievements of the PLA Air Force as well as the elegant fighting demeanor of an air force division under the Western Theater Command. A crowd of citizens was attracted to watch the videos and take photos.

“I was shocked at the flying fighters in the video. I wish the PLA Air Force more powerful and the motherland more prosperous,” said Mr. Wang from Yuzhong District.

This division was hailed as the “Eagle of the Foggy City.” Since the troops stationed in Chongqing in 1969, it has participated in many major military operations, completed many urgent, challenging, and dangerous tasks, and created many records in the history of the PLA Air Force, which is worthy of praise.

This division was hailed as the “Eagle of the Foggy City.”

Chongqing citizens are familiar with this division. It participated in the drill “Chongqing Operation-Civil Air Defense-2019”, playing a crucial role in air defense security at the station. It has also actively joined hands with government agencies to carry out public benefit activities such as educational assistance. Many primary and secondary schools and colleges in the city once organized students to the division to receive on-site teaching and national defense education, take a close look at the aerobatic flight and experience the exciting training atmosphere. A student of the Southwest University Yang Luqi once participated in the camp opening activity of this division. She said, “Taking a close look at the air force makes me feel a trustworthy force. I’d like to give the soldiers thumbs up.”

During the War of Resistance, Chongqing suffered indiscriminate Japanese bombing for more than five years. To escape the bombardment, the locals built a large number of air-raid shelters. The bitter memories are like scars that never disappear. Nowadays, the blue sky is guarded by the powerful air force, making the people much happier.

Source: Shangyou News


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