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Chongqing Harvests Great Achievements on 2nd China Import Expo


On November 10, 2019, the six-day 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) drew to a satisfactory end. It has attracted 181 countries, regions, and international organizations and over 3,800 enterprises, scoring impressive fruits in trade and purchase, with the annual cumulative intended turnover of USD 71.13 billion, 23% higher than the first CIIE.

This extraordinary event has broadened the horizon of participated Chongqing enterprises, publicized and showed Chongqing, and facilitated the city to exchange and learn from the world.

Signed projects to drive Chongqing’s high-quality development and livelihood

On the first day, Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park achieved three projects, covering various fields of big data, Internet of Intelligence, semiconductor, etc. One of its directors

believed that “these projects will perfect the industrial chain of our Park and accelerating the formation of a closed-loop.”

Changan Ford signed purchase orders for auto parts, totally valuing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Enterprises of the automobile, one of Chongqing’s pillar industries, think highly of the CIIE. In the Chongqing trade group, players represented by Changan Ford and Qingling Motors signed purchase orders for auto parts, totally valuing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Zhang Zhikui, Director of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that “Expo will optimize the industrial structure, and CIIE, a world event, will play a better role in this regard by bringing together many cutting-edge companies around the world.”

This CIIE also witnessed the purchases and signed contracts of the Chongqing trade group with the larger number, more luxurious types, and better quality than ever, which will speed up Chongqing’s construction of an exemplary inland city of opening-up and international consumer center, thus driving its high-quality development and livelihood.

Matchmaking, dialogue, and promotional events to show the world opportunities in Chongqing.

On the afternoon of November 5, after the CIIE’s opening ceremony was held, Chongqing Municipal People’s Government held the Chongqing Investment and Trade Cooperation Dialogue at Shanghai, attempting to introduce opportunities Chongqing will offer.

The participants involve over 30 Fortune Global 500 Enterprises and leading transnational enterprises, foreign organizations and institutions, and important chambers of commerce. Some investors of Chongqing even shared their experience and insights about investing in the city.

Compared with the formal meeting, Chongqing Hotpot has enabled the city’s charm tastable to all.

On November 6, Chongqing’s “the world’s largest hotpot” was served at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, and the scene with tens of guests enjoying hotpot had attracted much attention on that day.

Chongqing’s “the world’s largest hotpot” was served at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall.

In addition to hotpot, the Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street, another name card of Chongqing, has shown extraordinary appeal on this CIIE. The China Pavilion has opened the theme of pedestrian streets, where 11 streets around China were presented in audio, including Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street.

Gaining experience in building Chongqing into an exemplary inland city of opening-up

To hold CIIE, a national event with a large scale, Shanghai had made a thorough preparation to ensure no mistake would happen. There are some carefully-designed details that Chongqing should learn.

For example, all guests received admission maps with their conference ID cards, indicating the specific statuses, routes, and traffic lines of each CIIE pavilions; all reporters, both from home and abroad, could get translation devices and mobile power packs.

Shanghai has managed to integrate the CIIE with the whole city, thus enabling citizens to know about and support this event. Therefore, the Expo can develop soundly with the city.

Chongqing is striving to build itself into a famous international inland convention & exhibition city by holding the Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade and Smart China Expo. Next, Chongqing will apply the experience it has picked up on the CIIE and increase the influences of its expos.

The city is endeavoring to construct itself into an exemplary inland city of opening-up so that it values the chance of participating in the CIIE for broadening the horizon and intensifying exchanges. Next, Chongqing will practice what it has learned from the CIIE and speed up its efforts in opening-up.

Source: Shangyou News


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