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Chongqing Will Boost the Booming Development of Open Market Entities

By JIEYU WANG|Nov 15,2019

The Action Plan for Thoroughly Integrating into and Co-building the “Belt and Road” and Speeding up the Construction of an Exemplary Inland City of Opening-up specifies that by 2022, Chongqing will form a new pattern of opening-up featuring all dimensions, multiple levels, and wide ranges. One of its tasks is gathering and boosting open market entities to develop the modern advantages of international economic cooperation and competition.

What will Chongqing do to boost the booming development of its open market entities? Representatives from government departments, some regions and enterprises have shared their points of view.

Expanding the influences and reputation of “made in Chongqing.”

Q: To promote the booming development of open market entities, what are the blueprints of Chongqing’s government departments, key regions, and enterprises?

Zhao Gang, Leading Party Member and Chief Engineer of Chongqing Economy and Information Commission: On the one hand, Chongqing will give play the advantages of its solid industrial foundation and complete industrial categories. It will enlarge the invitation attraction with such platforms as Smart China Expo, Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade and Chongqing Talents Conference, and others alike. It will introduce projects of advanced manufacturers, large institutes, R&D headquarters, platforms, enterprises, and high-end incubators to build complete industrial ecology, upgrade the basic industrial capacity, raise the overall industrial chain, to realize the upgrading of “made in Chongqing.”

Chongqing will give play the advantages of its solid industrial foundation and complete industrial categories.

On the other hand, Chongqing will make full use of its international logistics corridor and promote the local enterprises and products to go global. It will also optimize the global industrial layout and cultivate many manufacturing enterprises and well-known products with global influences, thus further expanding the influence and reputation of “made in Chongqing.”

Yu Yang, Party Secretary of Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. (CFTEC): Expanding foreign cooperation will be a necessary pass to enhance a company’s core competitiveness. Next time, the CFTEC will make its international cooperation and foreign trade business bigger and stronger, accelerate the strategic collaboration with various market entities, and transform into a more opening and dynamic transnational group in the modern service industry.

Chongqing will make full use of its international logistics corridor and promote the local enterprises and products to go global.

In terms of international engineering projects, we have joined hands to realize advantage complementarity and resource sharing, deepened cooperation with central, large private, and foreign-funded enterprises continually extended the value chain of overseas and domestic projects and accelerated the expansion of cooperation fields and levels.

As for international trade, we will thoroughly develop innovation of mode and business form, build an smart platform of blockchain-based supply chain, gather market entities of R&D, production, trade, logistics, finance, etc., carry out the international procurement and allocation of import and export commodities, and build international trade ecology featuring cross-border integration, platform sharing, and co-existence.

Promoting the construction of an international industrial park

Q: What are the highlights in boosting the development of open market entities? What roles will these open market entities play to drive the economic growth of Chongqing?

Huang Yulin, Secretary of the CPC Chongqing Yuzhong District Committee: Based on Yuzhong District’s characteristics, we are exploring to build an in-air bonded complex (industrial park), Caiyuanba Chongqing Station, a comprehensive transportation hub, and Chaotianmen Passenger Terminal, a transportation hub of Liangjiang New Area. Meanwhile, Yuzhong District focuses on Chongqing Raffles China-Singapore Cooperation and Demonstration Project, plans to build China-Singapore International Financial Service Center, Chongqing International High-end Brand Gathering Center, Chongqing International Conference (Forum) Center, and Gathering Area of Chongqing Foreign Affairs Agencies promote project achievement sharing and develop toward western regions and ASEAN countries.

Building a favorable business environment

Q: To boost the booming development of open market entities, what fields and aspects will we adhere to?

Li Weichao, Secretary of the CPC Chongqing Jiangbei District Committee: Jiangbei District will keep its sound developing impetus and give full play to the gathering function of the core of Jiangbeizui CBD. We will also enrich financial businesses, deeply explore economic opening-up, gather financial resources, intensify financial reform, and optimize financial ecology. Besides, Jiangbei District will well hold the Green Finance Innovation Development Forum, Jiangbeizui New Financial Summit, and others to enable Chongqing’s role as an offshore capital market service center to come into play. We will fully utilize the first batch of the monetary fund to support the comprehensive pilot reform of the financial service of private enterprises and small and micro-businesses. Besides, we will also focus on foreign-funded financial institutions and settle headquarters of this kind in insurance, economic, and settlement center fields, thus building Jiangbeizui into a core financial area leading the development of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and influence Southwest China.

Source: Shangyou News


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