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How Does Chongqing Optimize Business Environment and Stimulate Opening up?

By JIEYU WANG|Nov 15,2019

On October 23, Chongqing released the Action Plan for Thoroughly Integrating into and Co-building the “Belt and Road” and Speeding up the Construction of an Exemplary Inland City of Opening-up. It will carry out 64 measures in “Five Actions,” such as optimizing the opening-up environment and expanding opening-up channels.

How does Chongqing further improve the business environment during the construction of an exemplary inland city of opening up? Li Jing, President of the School of Economics, Chongqing Technology and Business University, offered his suggestions.

First, to further improve investment and trade facilitation. Chongqing should simplify procedures, coordinate applicable laws and regulations, and standardize infrastructure, to create a harmonious, transparent, and predictable environment for investment and trade.

The digital economy industry park in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area.

Second, to further optimize the market environment. Chongqing needs to secure fair competition among companies, put into practice related censorship, and consolidate the role of competitive policies as the base. It should build a market environment with fair rights, opportunities, and regulations. Additionally, the city has to encourage economic entities under diverse forms of ownership to utilize productive factors and participate in the competition in accordance with laws and regulations and in open, just, and fair ways.

Chongqing needs to secure fair competition among companies, put into practice related censorship.

Third, to further upgrade the legal environment. Chongqing should create a sound environment where judiciary authorities, administrative organs, and companies all abide by laws. It needs to set up rigorous property rights protection system to protect entrepreneurs’ autonomy, legal property, and lawful operation from being violated. Additionally, a commercial dispute settlement mechanism is required to create a safe and stable social environment for business development.

Fourth, to further perfect the living environment. Chongqing needs to develop itself into an international, green, smart, and cultural city. It is necessary to build a global public service system based on the needs of being livable and business- and tourism-oriented. Moreover, the city should enhance supervision and evaluation of the business environment, establish related information release mechanisms, and strengthen promotional activities.

Source: Shangyou News


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