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B&R Ceramics Forum Will be Held in Rongchang Chongqing

By XINYI LI|Nov 16,2019

Chongqing- With the development of Chongqing, the city’s tourism evolves at a rapid speed, promoting Chongqing’s culture to the world. At this circumstance, the 2019 Chongqing Belt and Road International Ceramics Forum will begin from November 29 to December 1. The forum will be held in the Rongchang District, which is one of China's three major ceramics capitals and produces one of China's four famous ceramics.

Antao Town (the town of ceramics)

This forum is an open and professional international ceramics forum. It aims to deepen exchanges and cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road. Meanwhile, it will help to actively discuss the cutting-edge achievements and new technology applications of the international ceramic industry, therefore, accelerating the quality development of China's ceramic industry. At present, there are about 400 people from leading countries, national and domestic famous ceramic enterprises, ceramic masters, and ceramic experts from around the Belt and Road have been invited to attend the forum. Among them, 100 academicians, experts, and scholars are foreign experts from Japan, South Korea, Italy, Poland, and the domestic ceramic industry and economic fields.

Teacups made of Rongchang ceramics

The forum has diverse activities, including over ten themed events, such as two themed forums, one international seminar, and five special activities.

Those two theme forums integrate ceramic industry and academics, Focusing on High Quality and Intelligent Development, to discuss in-depth exchanges to explore the development status of China's ceramic industry, cutting-edge achievements, future trends, and new technology applications. Moreover, it will promote the ceramic industry from Made in China to Intelligently Manufactured in China or Created in China.

The automatic workshop of Automatic Weimei Ceramics Company

The international seminar is the 11th Asian Congress on Ceramics, whose first congress was held in Korea in 1997. It was held at Jingdezhen Ceramics University in China for the first time in 2011. For this time, it will invite 14 Asian ceramic experts to give special reports and nearly 20 foreign entrepreneurs and artists to discuss the research status of technology, products, art, and basic science in the world of ceramic materials and engineering. Additionally, it will promote academic exchanges of ceramics and high-tech ceramics to enhance ceramic science and technological progress.

Rongchang Ceramics

Besides, five special activities contain contract signing and several ceramic skill contests. The contract signing will be held on the morning of November 30th. It will focus on signing nearly 20 significant projects in the near future that have been successfully negotiated. The vast majority of these projects are ceramic projects with an investment of more than RMB 10 billion. At the same time, the Belt and Road Ceramic Expo Center will open for the occasion. Located in Chongqing Ceramic Industry Park, the Expo Center is an essential platform for the display of regional and national ceramic products along the Belt and Road. The opening ceremony of the Expo Center is going to kick off on December 1, presenting the stunning works of 10 Chinese ceramic arts and crafts masters to the Expo Center.

Furthermore, several ceramic contests will be held to promote ceramic skills and culture among young people and masters.

Produce processing of Rongchang ceramics


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