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Chongqing Fengjie Rated as Top Intoxicating Photographic Tourism Destination in China


The first Internet and China Photographic Tourism Conference and the 14th Yixian County Rural Village International Photography Exhibition were staged in Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, on November 23. Fengjie was among the first group of the 20 (most) Intoxicating Photographic Tourism Destinations in China recommended by China Photo Press at the opening ceremony.

Five well-chosen self-driving routes for travel and photography in Fengjie

In 2019, Fengjie first launched five selected self-driving routes for travel and photography and built 20 scenic spots, 15 stopping points, and ten hotels for photographers along these routes.

They built hotels render tourists accommodation services and offer them tripods for photography, photography books, newspapers and magazines, self-driving photography guides, and maps of the selected routes.

Route 1: Top of the Three Gorges

(1) Walk: Baidicheng — Tiezhu Stream — Kuimen Ancient Elephant Museum — Chijia Building — Taohua Cave — Dou Ti Zi — Ao Kou — Bai Long Ru Jiang — Feilai Stone — 66 Bends — Wang Fu Cliff — Qing Shan Ren Jia — Top of the Three Gorges (watch the performance of Return to the Three Gorges)

(2) Drive: Urban area of Fengjie County — Exit the expressway at Caotang Interchange — Industrial park — Taibai Bridge — Pingshang Village — Qutang Village — Ao Kou — Shimiao Village — Dian Zi Ping — Top of the Three Gorges (watch the performance of Return to the Three Gorges). It is 61km from the urban area of Fengjie County.

The performance: Return to the Three Gorges

Route 2: Sunrise at the Three Gorges

Urban area of Fengjie County — Fengjie Kuimen Yangtze River Bridge — Da Feng Ya — Wenfeng Pagoda — Miao Cao Zi — Baiyan Mountain. It is 24km from the urban area of Fengjie County.

Kuimen in Fengjie.

Route 3: Jiu Tian Long Feng

Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge — Changdangzi Tunnel — Jiupan River — Gaoqiao Bridge — Hankuimen — Xiaozhai Tiankeng — Tianjingxia Difeng — Jinfeng Mountain — Longqiao River

Hankuimen in Fengjie.

Route 4: Bai Cao Yuan

Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge — Jiupan River — Jing Zhu — Liu Ya — Kajiping Homestay — Shenxianba Flower Sea — Gaolutang Camp Base — Ski field — Mao Cao Ba

Kajiping Homestay

Route 5: East Sichuan Guerrilla Forces themed red tour, Pingan Township

The urban area of Fengjie County — Fengxi Expressway — Exit from Shanghuang — Entrance of Cizhu Village — Zhuan Bao — Chang Zhen — Wenchang Tianyuan — Diaolou Building, Jianlou Building and Jinshan Ancient Village in Yongwu Village — Guanmen Mountain. It is 90km from the urban area of Fengjie County.

Source: Shangyou News


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