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Former Under Secretary of UN: We Need More Global Cooperation


Chongqing- The 2nd Asia-Europe Cooperation Dialogue opens in SW China’s Chongqing on December 2, 2019. Attendees were more than 400 guests form governments, the business community, and academic circles from 21 countries and regions and three international organizations. 

Kim Won-soo, Former Under Secretary, the United Nations took an interview after the opening ceremony and said, “Although it was my first visit (to Chongqing), I was really amazed to see natural beauty, but also its dynamism and vibrancy of the city.” He continued, “And also, I see a lot of potential of Chongqing as a natural hub connecting Asia and Europe, and beyond.”

Amid the rise of protectionism and unilateralism, Mr.Kim Won-soo said, “If we look at the current world, we have more and more global challenges coming to us. It means we need more global cooperation.”

For more about his impression on Chongqing, his views on Chongqing innovation-driven strategy lead by big data and artificial intelligence, and his opinions on the world situation, please check out the F.

(Special thanks to Chongqing Television)


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