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Interview with Ghana Ambassador: Chongqing is A Good Model of Development


Chongqing- On Dec. 3rd, an African delegation including ambassadors from 29 African countries gathered in Chongqing to participate in China (Chongqing) – Africa Cooperation Conference. After the conference, iChongqing has conducted an interview with Edward Boateng, Ghana Ambassador to China.

Chongqing: A Good Model of Development

Mr. Boateng expressed he was very impressed by the Chongqing tour.  The infrastructure, people, and most importantly the city’s history, gave him a deep insight into the role that Chongqing played in the establishment of modern China. He is also impressed with the level of technology and the number of industries here. Chongqing`s industry development is a good model for his country to copy. Ghana has a long history of friendship with Chongqing; a lot of automobiles in Ghana came from Chongqing.

A community for a shared future

In terms of Mr. Boateng`s insight, the Belt & Road Initiative meets the opportunities for collaboration, he hopes all nations treat each other equally, all children can have decent meals… “Ghana is willing to work with the Chinese government to ensure that this dream can be realized”, he said. Ghana is the free trade headquarters in Africa, which means it will be the No.1 destination for companies from Chongqing to Africa. He suggested that if Chongqing companies went to Ghana, their products will not only sell to the Ghana market but also the rest of the African countries.


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