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Enjoy Colorful Winter in Chongqing Nanchuan

By XINYI LI|Dec 11,2019

Chongqing- Although located in Southwestern China, Chongqing also embraces snow in many regions here. However, there is one place that meets different colors here, presenting a colorful world to visitors – Nanchuan District. Lying in Southern Chongqing and connecting with Guizhou Province, Nanchuan is a world-famous tourist destination and also the garden of the urban city.

The winter of Nanchuan is amazing with incredible viewings

Nanchuan is also a place with abundant resources. For example, there are more than 520 kinds of wild animals, including 34 key state protective animals and 69 endangered animals. On the other hand, there are over 5,650 kinds of plants, including 71 first-level state protective plants, over 200 endemic plants, and over 2,100 medicine herbs. With all those biological resources, Nanchuan becomes a vivid tourist destination in Chongqing. Let’s go to have a look at how this charming place is like!

The amazing road with two different colors on both sides

Located in Yuquan Town, Shanwangping has an average elevation of more than 1,300 meters. The karst landform of Shanwangping is very significant and unique, covering the stone forest area of 524 mu (about 349,333 square meters), which is the largest and the most distinctive ecological stone forest in China.

The mountain of Shanwangping

The stone forest is full of various trees and vines with different but peculiar shapes. Different stones with strange peaks and distinctive shapes, like crocodile mouths shape, turtle shape, or seal shape, stand inside the scenic area, constructing a natural bonsai. Meanwhile, the terrain in the scenic area is complex with strong cutting. There is an internet-famous road, which the one side is green while another side is red in this season. The snow cover in winter can be as long as two months with 60 centimeters sometimes. You can also see rare large-scale foggy natural landscapes if it’s fortunate.

The famous road with two different colors on both sides

Address: Wangping Town, Nanchuan District, Chongqing

Transportation: Chongqing - Chongqing Inner Ring Expressway – Chongqing-Hunan Highway – Nanchuan District - Shanwangping

Price: 80 yuan/person

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

Recommended touring time: over three hours

Enjoy the ice snow and hot springs in the special season

Not far from the main urban area of Chongqing, the sunset sets off the cliffs in the summer and autumn evenings, like a golden Buddha statue flash out of the sky. Thus, this place owns its name – Jinfo Mountain, which means the Golden Buddha Mountain.

Suitable for winter or summer to avoid the heating wave, there is heavy snow in winter, making itself a good place for the ski resorts in Chongqing, which is one of the best ski resorts in this city. In addition to skiing, snowmobiles, flying saucers, snow ships, horse-drawn sleighs, and more, are also indispensable entertainment sites. At present, the ski resort in the western slope of Jinfo Mountain is one of the best in Chongqing with complete facilities, abundant projects, and also excellent natural conditions.

The snow items in winter in Jinfo Mountain

After playing with snow, you can relax with hot springs.

Tianxing International Hot Spring City is located at the west foot of Jinfo Mountain. The architectural style is a combination of tradition and modern, covering an area of 23.6 mu (about 15,733 square meters). It contains two large areas and four parts, including mountain slides, children's water village, and 13 hot spring pools. Additionally, it has a water surface area 3,301 square meters and a tourist capacity of 1,200 people.

Hot springs of Tianxing International Hot Spring City

Address: Jinfo Mountain Scenic Spot, Nanchuan District, Chongqing

Transportation: Chongqing - Chongqing Inner Ring Expressway – Chongqing-Hunan Highway – Nanchuan District – Jinfo Mountain

Price: the scenic spot is free but snow items and hot spring will charge according to the specific item

Opening hours: 08:00-16:00 (except hot springs)


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