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The 2nd Chongqing Tongliang Chinese Dragon Lantern Art Festival to Be Held

By JIEYU WANG|Dec 24,2019

The 2nd Chongqing Tongliang Chinese Dragon Lantern Art Festival will be grandly held from January 2 (Laba Festival) to February 24 (Dragon-Head-Raising Festival), 2020, according to the news conference of Tongliang District on the 19th. On the evening of January 2, 2020, after the opening ceremony of the 2nd Chinese Dragon Lantern Art Festival, Tongliang will be turned into a sea of lights. Visitors can come to watch the dragon lanterns and enjoy the dragon dance to celebrate the joyful Spring Festival.

The 2nd Chongqing Tongliang Chinese Dragon Lantern Art Festival will be grandly held from January 2 to February 24, 2020.

At the Jinlong Stadium of Tongliang District, the main workshop where the festival lanterns are being made, there were different functional areas strictly divided according to process flow, such as pattern grading, modeling, installing, pasting and designing and the workers were busy making dragon lanterns in an orderly manner.

According to the introduction of Zhang Bin, General Manager of Tongliang Dragon Cultural Media Co., Ltd., since November 22 this year, there have been more than 120 dragon lantern workers participating in the lantern set production, lantern installation, etc. The company is responsible for the production of 45 large-scale lantern sets, which were being installed.

In Tongliang Vocational Education Center, performers of the festival were trained to perform the dragon lantern dance with over ten giant dragon costumes.

Moreover, following the ideas of “One Town, One Brand” and “Each Town has its Own Feature,” the Grand Stage with Local Style - Intangible Cultural Heritage Folk Culture Exhibition Activity will showcase 14 kinds of dragon dance and dragon lantern programs as well as 30 folk comprehensive ones in 14 towns and streets.

Source: Shangyou News


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