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Wulong Fairy Mountain International Ice and Snow Festival Opens

By YULING CHEN|Dec 26,2019

On December 21, the 10th Wulong Fairy Mountain International Ice and Snow Festival officially opened with an action-packed opening ceremony. A super romantic Han-style group snow wedding held by 100 newlyweds, the first Fairy Mountain Snow Han-style costume show led by Miss Tourism World, etc. Aside from playing in the snow and appreciating the snow-covered landscape, tourists can also have a wonderful visual feast.

Wulong Fairy Mountain International Ice and Snow Festival

Wulong Fairy Mountain International Ice and Snow Festival opens on December 21, 2019.

Have fun in the vast and extensive world of ice and snow

On December 19, the snow fell on the Fairy Mountain. This morning, the snow-clad mountain was so magnificent that the grassland (66.7km2) and forest (220km2) were covered with deep snow, and the mountain itself was thus turned into a beautiful and romantic fairyland.

The Fairy Mountain Outdoor Ski Resort can accommodate 3,000 people and provide various games such as skiing, snow tubing, ice boating, and sledding.

The snow clearing was carried out to provide a warm tour service for tourists, out at 4 am on December 19 to ensure a smooth drive for visitors heading there. This scenic area will offer an all-day free supply of hot water. There will also be direct buses shuttling between the downtown, districts & counties of Chongqing and Fairy Mountain.


Wulong Fairy Mountain International Ice and Snow Festival opens on December 21, 2019.

The first Fairy Mountain Snow Han-style Costume Show

Previously, the scenic area sent the snow envoy Longxiaoma to search for snow fairies around the city. After careful selection, the Seven Wulong Fairies have been officially released, and they are Tan Ruoyi (Champion of Miss Tourism World 2019 in China Division), Peng Shiming (Champion of Miss Chongqing 2015), Cheng Ting (Champion of Miss Chongqing 2016), Luo Hongyu (Champion of Miss Chongqing 2018), Chen Dongyang (Champion of Super Competition of Miss Chongqing 2018), Zhang Yuanyuan (Runner-up of Miss Chongqing 2019) and Chen Xibei (Ambassador of Chongqing Tourist Attractions).

By then, the Seven Wulong Fairies will appear at the festival and bring a fantastic Han-style show for tourists to present the elegant national culture.

Meanwhile, the second Large-scale Han-style Group Snow Wedding will be held to witness the romantic love of 100 newlyweds and send them warm wishes.

Wulong Fairy Mountain Scenic Area

Over 2,000 university students show sportsmanship in the Snow Marathon

In recent years, outdoor sports events such as China International Mountain Outdoor Sports, Furong River Dragon Boat Championship, Furong Lake Outdoor Sports, and Wanfeng Forest Cycling Competition have been successfully held in Wulong District, which makes it the China Outdoor Sports Base. The first Fairy Mountain Snow Marathon also began.


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