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A Weekend with Music and Flowers @ the 17th Plum Blossom Culture and Art Festival


On the afternoon of December 28th, the opening ceremony of the 17th Plum blossom Culture and Art Festival was held in Beibei District, Chongqing. Zhou Xu, District Party Secretary, and other district leaders attended the opening ceremony. Many citizens drove from all directions to experience the plum blossom culture with their families and enjoy a leisurely weekend.

plum blossom festival

The Plum Blossom Culture and Art Festival had various activities. The key events included Huatian Music Festival, CITY-HEROS Beibei Bike Invitational Tournament, Chongqing’s first car show festival, and rural revitalization lectures. Other activities were held in the Yuguang Expressway Jingguan Service Area, Jingguan Township Huaxiang Square, and the Water and Soil High-tech Ecological City Yunzhong Street. Continuous activities included flower garden competitions and horticultural floral lectures. 

Huatian music festival

After 17 years of development, the festival has gained considerable popularity throughout the city. The relevant person in charge of the Beibei District Culture and Tourism Commission introduced that this festival will further optimize the bicycle invitational race and also held the Music Festival for the first time. Jingguan Town, Beibei District, the contractor has more than 500 years of plum blossom cultivation history and a planting area of nearly 10,000 mu. It is the largest plum blossom cultivation area in China with a wide variety of resources, the most abundant flower stems, and a strong floral aroma. It is one of the hometowns of flowers and trees in southwest China.


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