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CFTZ Pilots Eight Reforms in "Operating Permit First, Business License Second"


On January 7, 2020, Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission launched the full-coverage pilot reform program of “Operating Permit First, Business License Second,” introducing eight simple, transparent industry access rules in the China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone (CFTZ) to further increase the operational autonomy of enterprises.



The eight rules concerning operating permits cover enterprise qualification for the installation and maintenance of gas-burning appliances, the approval of designated salt wholesale enterprises, the approval of designated salt production enterprises, the safety production license for explosives for civil use, the sales license for explosives for civil use, the business license for Category-II chemicals under control, the special permit for specific Category-II, Category-III and category-IV organic chemicals that contain phosphorus, sulfur and fluorine, and the approval of gas business licenses.

According to relevant requirements, the Commission will include all the eight matters mentioned above concerning business licenses into CFTZ’s list management.

In addition, the Commission will strengthen in-process and after-process supervision, implement inclusive and prudent supervision of enterprises that introduce new technology, new industries, and new business, and conduct intensified monitoring of enterprises in high-risk industries.


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