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Government Work Report Interpretation: Chongqing Has Built Many Intelligent Application Scenarios


This year’s Chongqing government work report states that concentrated efforts should be made to build important cities of smart manufacturing and those of smart industry, and clusters of elements of “cloud, network, big data, cloud computing and application,” as well as creating 30 typical intelligent application scenarios based on “application.”

Lijia Intelligent Park

Lijia Intelligent Park

By taking the intelligent application scenarios as the key driver for the construction of the new smart city, Chongqing has built a series of intelligent application scenarios in people’s livelihood service, urban governance, government management, industry integration, and pleasant living environment in 2019. 

People’s livelihood service

In the intelligent applications of people’s livelihood services, Chongqing has made great efforts to give full play to the advantages of big data intelligence.

In the field of smart medical care, for instance, electronic health cards for residents have been popularized and applied, and 31 million cards for (including 1.6 million poor people) permanent residents across the city have been made. The smart hospital system built by the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University has shortened the average waiting time for patients to visit doctors from 48 minutes to 19 minutes and the average waiting time for examination from 65 minutes to 20 minutes.

In the field of smart education, 35 districts and counties have access to education MAN. All colleges and universities, secondary vocational schools, and 95.8% of primary and secondary schools have access to the broadband network, with the allocation rate of 98.9% in multimedia teaching equipment.

In the field of smart poverty alleviation, a city-wide big data platform for targeted poverty alleviation has been built, combining such functions as departmental coordination, fund projects, data analysis, early warning and monitoring, and supervision and rectification, with 219,300 users.

Urban governance

In 2019, by taking the improvement in urban governance as its goal, Chongqing laid emphasis on the integration of comprehensive treatment and intelligence of urban infrastructure to accelerate the construction of intelligent urban management, so as to ensure satisfactory people’s living and working conditions, safe urban operation and social stability and order.

In the field of intelligent transportation, the mobile payment for tickets has been available in all stations of rail traffic, and the scan-to-ride function was available by the end of 2019. People can buy tickets for 66 city-wide first-and second-level bus passenger terminals online, with more than 63 million tickets sold through various online channels.

Government management

Over the past year, aiming at building a service-oriented, democratic and transparent smart government, Chongqing has deepened the reform of delegating power, streamlining administration, and optimizing government services to enhance its ability to provide government services.

Regarding smart government services, Chongqing has built an integrated online government service platform. With over 10 million users, the Yukuaiban government service platform integrates 58 business departments and more than 3,600 government data resources. It has 583 government service items with extensive online coverage and high application frequency, with online handling cases accounting for more than 80% of the total, and the approval time for business start-up being shortened to one workday.

Industry integration

As for intelligent application in industrial integration, based on the foundation and advantages of industrial development, Chongqing has vigorously developed intelligent manufacturing, intelligent technology, and intelligent products. In addition, it has continuously optimized the environment for innovation, entrepreneurship, and business, and advanced the vigorous development of the industry.

In terms of smart finance, Chongqing makes full use of big data to address the difficulties and high cost of financing for private enterprises and small and micro enterprises through actively building the Yukuairong platform. Currently, the platform bears 203,004 registered users with a financing amount of about RMB 18.005 billion.

In respect to smart port logistics, with the Chongqing Intelligent Logistics Public Information Platform, Chongqing has increased the cargo collection rate to 100%, and saved 10% of labor costs and 20% of cargo turnover time for logistics enterprises.

In the field of smart agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, P.R.C., officially approved the pilot construction of the National Chongqing (Rongchang) Big Data Center for Swine in Chongqing, which has accessed over 3 million pieces of structural data about swine. Furthermore, the comprehensive application of the Internet of Things in the city’s planting industry covers an area of 5126.67 square kilometers, accounting for 19.5%; the intelligent poultry and livestock breeding involves 24.17 million beasts and birds, accounting for 4.5%.

Ecological livability

In 2019, under the development principle of co-construction and benefits sharing, green development, and integrated growth, Chongqing actively advanced the construction of smart ecology. With regard to smart environmental protection, the big data system of the atmospheric environment has collected monitoring data from 17 national control stations and 54 municipal control stations in Chongqing. Chongqing also hammers at establishing an underlying database for agricultural and rural pollution prevention and control.

In smart meteorology, the meteorological big data platform can quickly gather and process real-time big data from seven FY meteorological satellites, 14 meteorological radars, and more than 2,000 ground meteorological observation points. In this way, Chongqing has increased the accuracy of disastrous weather forecasts by 40% and has increased the efficiency of identifying hail, thunderstorm, and gale to 100%.



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