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More than 98% of Chongqing's Poor People were Elevated from Poverty


According to the Chongqing Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, there are some 24,000 poor people in Chongqing referring to the current standard, and the incidence of poverty has dropped to 0.12%. It means that more than 98% of the poor people in the city have been elevated from poverty.

“We help the poor get rid of poverty and increase their income through the implementation of ‘five groups,’” introduced by the relevant person in charge of the Office. First, a group of people will be lifted out of poverty through developing production. Our city guides 2,093 leading enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation through industry, and more than 900,000 poor people continue to increase their income through industry; 163 “poverty alleviation workshops” have been built, and 46,440 public welfare posts have been developed for the poor, to achieve stable poverty alleviation with stable employment.

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Second, a group of people will be lifted out of poverty through relocation. We have completed the poverty-alleviation relocation of 252,000 people of the “13th Five-year Plan”.

Third, a group of people will be lifted out of poverty through ecological compensation. Our city organizes the poor to participate in ecological projects such as grain for green, natural forest protection, etc.; vigorously develops environmental industries such as forest rehabilitation, and strives to transform the advantage of ecological resources into that of increasing farmers’ income.

Fourth, a group of people will be lifted out of poverty through developing education. Last year, Chongqing invested the central and municipal funds of RMB 1.09 billion to comprehensively promote the transformation of schools with weak compulsory education in distressed communities, focusing on strengthening the construction of boarding schools in towns and small-scale rural schools, and further improving the conditions of running schools in deprived areas.

Fifth, a group of people will be lifted out of poverty through social security. In recent years, Chongqing has established a natural growth mechanism of social assistance standards and a linkage mechanism of price rise. In 2019, the minimum living standard for rural residents was raised to RMB 5,280 per year.

The person in charge also said that 2020 would be the end of building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way. Chongqing will focus on tackling deep poverty, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, and never leave a single-family or person behind on the road to a moderately well-off society.


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