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The Deputy to NPC Chongqing – the Bridge between the People and the Government

By XINYI LI|Jan 16,2020

Chongqing- Chongqing Two Sessions, which two sessions are meetings of CPPCC and NPC, is one of the foremost political events in Chongqing this year. Deputies to NPC Chongqing are made up of various professions, including company leaders, college professors, institute presidents, as well as some cadres at the basic level.

Wen Shaoying, as a cadre at the basic level, is the deputy to NPC Chongqing, working as a Secretary of General Branch of the CPC committee of a Yongchuan’s community. She is an ordinary person but does lots of extraordinary work during her daily life. In her opinion, she lives not only for herself but for the people in her community.

Wen Shaoying, the deputy to NPC Chongqing

A businesswoman in the past helps poverty students to receive a good education

Before being a deputy to NPC Chongqing, Wen Shaoying used to do business before and made her career relatively successful because of her honesty and principles; therefore, most of her partners were willing to support her company when she got troubles. Wen found there were many poor students who couldn’t get the education, but she knew that education is so important to ordinary people. Hence, she started to support those students to go to school.

The twin brothers, who were helped by Wen's community when their sixth-grade primary (the left boy was admitted to Peking University while Third Military Medical University admitted the right boy)

From 2001 until now, she has helped 578 poverty students to receive a good education, including some famous university graduates. However, it is not enough to just help them physically but to guide them spiritually so that they will not go astray. She often organizes some training and performances to make the community more harmonious. “I ’m not helping them for a good reputation, but they really need help.” Wen Shaoying said, “I ’m glad to help them, and they have given me back my help, of course.”

Those who received help and changed their lives mostly became a volunteer on Wen Shaoying’s volunteer team. For example, her community often held some lectures on health, insurance, laws, and more, and most speakers are people who were helped by her.

Wen's volunteer team to help families of the community

Only by managing yourself can you manage the leadership

As time goes by, most people knew Wen Shaoying was a responsible and helpful person, so that she was elected as the deputy to NPC Chongqing. This new identity is encouraging her to work better for the community. She found that she couldn't do better community management while doing business, so that she gave up her business.

“After becoming the deputy to NPC Chongqing, I’m even stricter with myself because to manage myself well is the first step to manage the work.” Wen Shaoying said, “As the leader of a team, only by managing yourself can you manage the leadership.”

The performance organized by the community for the senior people

For better work, Wen Shaoying will study the new policies and important speeches online and offline from 6:00 every morning for self-examination. “Making up the deficiencies in self-examination can improve the work better. We need to learn deep thinking to get the work well done.”

When someone in the community reports difficulties, she first goes to the place in the case to see if the situation is true. After confirmation, she will actively organize the leadership team to solve the problem. Still, if it is beyond the scope of her ability, she will reflect the issue to the superior department. Of course, relevant departments will also actively respond to solve the difficulties for people.

Caring parents teach children to make dumplings

In this way, the government can understand the situation of people's livelihood well, and the difficulties of the people have been resolved.

“I think the deputy to NPC Chongqing is the bridge between the people and the government.” Said Wen Shaoying. Now, she had left her original community to another one because there are many other people who are waiting for her help.


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