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Chongqing – As the filming location of many directors for movies and TV shows in recent years, Chongqing has so many faces, such as sci-fi, animation, and documentary. This is Chongqing, and this is the lifestyle that Chongqing people seek so that we believe that each story from your lens is unique and unparalleled. There should be a unique show just for young people to tell Chongqing’s stories. 

Therefore, the first International Youth Short Video Contest with the theme of Break the Limit – Creation · Unbounded is here! Chongqing, a city of mountains and rivers and a beautiful place, invites photographers from all over the world to take short videos. Use your lens to explore the beauty of the city and tell Chongqing’s stories to the world.  

Break the Limit will invite students and filming lovers to record Chongqing’s stories by their lenses and show them to the world

The theme, Break the Limit, has its obvious literal meaning, which is similar to the city with many unbelievable bridges, tunnels, roads, and more buildings. Not only does Chongqing have a cultural miracle, but it also shows the world’s advanced level when science and technology are the primary productive forces. Also, Chang’an Automobile not only completed the first continuous road test of 2,000 kilometers of unmanned vehicles in the world for the first time but also opened the L4 level autonomous driving demonstration experience to the public for the first time. Meanwhile, Chang’an becomes an outstanding car company first integrates 5G and L4 level autonomous driving, which melted China’s smart manufacturing into this long-established old industrial city and moved forward with new opportunities and new challenges.

To show how Chongqing people brave breakthrough and hard work in the new era, the Break the Limit – Creation • Unbounded will begin to collect works for full-time undergraduate students, graduate students, and international students in Chongqing universities. At the same time, the event also invites creators and enthusiasts of short videos in China and overseas to participate. It is a contest which belongs to young people!

Contest notices and rules

Participants: Creators and enthusiasts of short videos at home and abroad. Full-time undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students in Chongqing universities

Content and form: The entries should fit the theme of Break the Limit -Creation • Unbounded. The video content should focus on the unique urban style, folk culture, and the charming of Chongqing. The length of the entries can be controlled between one minute to three minutes in any form.

The competition is divided into three stages: script collection, selection of works, and exhibition of works

The competition is divided into three phases: script collection, selection of works, and presentation of works.

The first stage: script collection (from now to March 15). According to the competition requirements, each contestant/team completed the online registration through the 我要报名I want to register entrance before March 15 The script and registration form of the work is sent to the designated mailbox 2489880068@qq.com.

The 20 shortlisted screenplays will each receive a 3,000-yuan bonus and will get relevant mentor guidance. Judging rules: The organizer hires expert judges to rate the works and announce the list of shortlisted works.

The second stage: creation and selection of works (March 17 to April 6). The screenplay shortlisted by the team to create a video, and the short video work (the link of cloud.baidu) will be sent to the previous period on March 29, 2020, before 24:00. The organizer uploads the designated email address for registration to the work display section of this page and the entire network. The voting channel will be opened from 10:00 on March 30 to 24:00 on April 3 and will be liked by the public. Organize relevant expert judges to rate the works.

At the same time, all works will be displayed on seven Chinese platforms such as Douyin (Chinese TikTok), Sina Weibo, Tencent Video, Youku Video, Watermelon Video, Autohome, and Dongchedi. Contest rules: The organizer uploads the participating videos to CQCB and other video sites on the entire network. Through the CQCB client, online voting is organized for the shortlisted works. The netizen ’s likes account for 20% of the weighting of the selection results. They account for 20% of the weight of the election results, and expert ratings account for 60% of the weight of the election results.

Above, the total weight of online voting is 40%, and the top 10 works are selected among 20 works. The total weight of the judging committee is 60%. The final review will be performed on the finalists, and the final ten individual awards will be determined.

The third stage: the work exhibition (April 7 to April 30) held an awards ceremony, the award-winning works uploaded by the organizer to the cooperative video website, and the LED screen along the Chongqing Rail Transit for public exhibition. At the same time, the outstanding works and collections will be presented through iChongqing on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and other overseas platforms.

Registration channel

To participate in this competition, you must register online. The online registration channel will be officially opened on December 30, 2019, and closed on February 29, 2020, at 24:00.

Online registration must be made through the app of CQCB.

Enter the CQCB client-activity section and get the address of the contest registration channel.

Enter the registration channel, fill in the relevant information in detail and upload the team photos/posters, and then obtain the contest entry code and work submission email.


All script of the entries must be sent to the designated email of the Organizing Committee 2489880068@qq.com before 24:00 on March 15, 2020.

The content of the entries is positive and positive, and there must be no illegal, illegal, violent content.

The submitted entries must have a resolution of 1920 * 1080 (horizontal) or 1080 * 1960 (vertical). At the same time, a mobile version is provided. The requirements are: the video format is mp4, and the size is controlled within 100m.

The title of the submission email must be the team name + title of the work obtained after registration, and the title of the work is not limited.

There should be no more than seven members in the production team of the entry. The submission email must include a scanned copy of the authorization letter (photograph) of the entry signed by all team members and a poster of the work.



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