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Spring Festival Holiday Resolutions: Reunion and Traditions


As the 1st episode of Chongqing Expats in 2020, we invited our guest James Alexander to Huguang Guild Hall for a traditional Bayu Culture Performance and talk about how will he spend Spring Festival holiday. James has been to China for more than a decade, which made him a great mandarin speaker and experienced English tutor in the local education industry. As a senior “Chongqing son-in-law”, James chose to stay in Chongqing with his family and they had a lot of fun with multiculturalism.

James in Huguang Guild Hall

In the previous Chinese Lunar New Year, James said that his family usually go back to his wife’s hometown – village in Chongqing’s countryside, he thought there were impressive memories because people in the village were really welcoming and kind each time they came back, however, in recent years, James’ family is more likely to go on their road trip for holiday, “because we want to see more sides of China”, he said. On later this January, James’ family will go on a road trip from Chongqing to Hainan for about 3 days and the whole family will gather together the reunion in Wenchang, Hainan province, for the new year’s eve. 


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