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What's New in Ciqikou Ancient Town for This Spring Festival?


The Ciqikou Ancient Town is at the forefront of cultural tourism in downtown Chongqing. A broad spectrum of folklore events is held here every year. What does Ciqikou have to offer tourists during the upcoming Spring Festival?

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou Ancient Town

According to a staff working in the ancient town, Ciqikou will hold a series of Spring Festival theme events this year, such as garden parties, lion dances, writing Spring Festival couplets, watching Sichuan opera, temple fairs and singing performance.

Ou Minjin and local calligraphers will be invited to write Spring Festival couplets at Jinrongmen and Zhong’s Courtyard on January 21. At the same time, the ancient town’s lion dance performance team will go on parade at the Ciqikou town gate, on Citong Road, and in Jinrongmen.

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou Ancient Town

The 2020 Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition will be held at Longyin Art Guild in Ciqikou from January 24 to February 8, 2020, to showcase the charm of traditional Chinese calligraphy and to paint through the exhibition of calligraphy works and traditional Chinese paintings.

Traditional folk music, full-length Sichuan Opera Madam White Snake, opera highlights, and face-changing (in Sichuan opera) will be performed in Zhuanyun (change of luck) Tower and Bayu Operatic Garden in Ciqikou.

In addition, prayers will be said in Baolun Temple and Fenghuang Temple traditionally during the Spring Festival. Instrumental music will be played in pubs and cafes every day.


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