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A Letter to All Foreign Investment Enterprises in Chongqing


Chongqing– As of 12:00 on February 5, Chongqing had reported a total of 376 confirmed cases due to novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection, the city’s relevant departments are making great efforts to fight against the epidemic. The epidemic has effects on foreign trade and business. Therefore, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce claimed a letter to all foreign investment enterprises in Chongqing on February 5, 2020, in the letter, it indicated that Love conquers all, as it is always sunny after the snow, all residents in Chongqing will win the fight against the epidemic. Here is the full content of the letter.

 Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce guarantees the daily vegetable supply for residents


To foreign investment enterprises, overseas business associations/institutions:

On this unusual Spring Festival, we would like to extend our Chinese New Year greetings to all foreign investment enterprises in Chongqing! In the past year, Chongqing’s economy has generally been smooth and has made progress, with a GDP of 23,605.8 billion yuan and an increase of 6.3%. In the business economy sector, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 8.7%; the full value of imports and exports increased by 11%; the trade-in service increased by 11.3%, and the paid-in value of FDI totaled 103.1 billion US dollars. The pleasing numbers reflect your hard work, dedication, and responsibility. At this moment, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, who have been actively participating in the construction of Chongqing’s economy and society!

Recently, all parts of the country have been making unremitting efforts to combat the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV infection). The Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government has firmly put into practice the guiding principles and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee. It has promoted prevention and control work strictly and meticulously; and has built a tight line of defense. Many foreign investment enterprises have also actively developed a love for humanity, safeguarded social relations, and donated money and materials. Hereby, we express our high regards to you!

It is our joint responsibility and concern to protect people’s lives and health. The current time is a crucial period to interrupt the outbreak of the epidemic, and all work cannot be slackened. To this end, the following recommendations are made for foreign investment enterprises and overseas business associations/institutions in Chongqing:

We advise you earnestly strengthen your own prevention and control.

For example: In accordance with the unified arrangements of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, we ask you to actively cooperate with the relevant departments to carry out epidemic prevention. We also ask you to strengthen the propaganda and popularization of epidemic prevention knowledge, make careful preparations, purchase appropriate protective equipment, and arrange for an orderly resumption of production. 

We advise you to fulfill your social responsibility actively.

Enterprises engaged in the production and circulation of anti-epidemic materials should make an effort to ensure the continuation of supplies, and jointly observe good market order. Enterprises in other industries should delay the returning time in accordance with the unified requirements. In addition, we welcome enterprises to provide medical protective articles supply channels inside or outside China to business departments to support epidemic prevention.

We advise you to respond scientifically to the impact of the epidemic.

Enterprises can adjust production, operation, and sales plans in a time-frame that is governed by the epidemic situation and, hopefully, avoid significant damage in the epidemic year. We will make every effort to help you coordinate and resolve the various impacts you have suffered, and the green channel will be open at any time. Please trust us; we will be a faithful service provider for foreign investment enterprises and overseas business associations/institutions in Chongqing.

Love conquers all, as it is always sunny after the snow! Severe tests can inspire and unite people’s hearts; an enormous pressure can temper the will and the spirit. We hope that everyone will remain confident, stay calm, and work with us to form strong and united efforts. We firmly believe that, with the whole city’s concerted effort, unremitting struggle, and your selfless dedication, we will certainly overcome the difficulties and resolutely combat the Novel Coronavirus!


Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce

Feb.5, 2020



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