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Chongqing Launches Cloud Office to Resume Work During the Epidemic


Chongqing- During the special quarantine period, many companies in Chongqing launched the cloud office through smartphones and the Internet, to make work normal operated.

According to data, there are 200 million people in China who have cloud office needs. Meanwhile, affected by 2019-nCoV, the cloud office has become a temporary need for many enterprises. Office software, led by Ding Talk and WeChat Business, quickly upgraded its service capabilities to meet the surge in user demand. As of February 6, Ding Talk has jumped to the top of the list of free downloads on the Apple App Store.

There are 200 million people in China who have cloud office needs

Chongqing Big Data Application Development Bureau has listed 37 online office software, which can provide cloud office services such as e-mail, video conference, agency approval, and more. In addition to some cloud office services, there are also cloud classrooms.

Online taxation administration service improves efficiency

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chongqing Municipal Tax Service, State Taxation Administration issued four notices related to taxation administration services, clarifying the tax declaration period will be extended from the original date, February 10, to February 24. Meanwhile, the tax declaration measures had been changed. The original measure requires taxpayers to complete the tax report artificially, while taxpayers only need to upload invoices and data. In this way, the taxpayers could ensure the tax control equipment normally used and invoice during the extension period.

The staff chooses the contactless measure to deal with the tax services

Moreover, Chongqing Municipal Tax Service, State Taxation Administration also issued the initiative of online, on-essential, and non-windowing services to the public, advocating people to choose as much as possible the contactless tax declaration measures such as the online taxation administration services, official WeChat accounts, Alipay, and more. The taxation administration strives to reduce the number of on-site taxes, minimize the risk of cross-infection, and further protect the health of taxpayers.

To ensure the normal operation of the online office, the operation center of the Chongqing taxation administration conducts daily inspections. In addition, there will be staff who performs uninterrupted operation and maintenance for each common business module, such as invoices and declarations of the online taxation administration to ensure the safety, stability, and efficiency of business functions.

From February 1 to 5 at 17:00, Chongqing declared 50,600 households through the online taxation administration service, with an average of about 448 households per hour to pay taxes through the Internet, with an online reporting rate of 98.62%. On February 5, a total of 456,200 invoices were issued by various invoice systems. Among them, 233 account receipts were processed online, and one account was processed offline, and the online receipt rate was 99.57%.

It took only 20 minutes to apply for a business license online

To stop the spread and spread of the epidemic, many administrative approval departments in Chongqing canceled related offline services and advocated the online approval channels. They use opened the online approval channels through the APP of Yu Kuai Ban, providing businesses and individuals convenience in need of services.

Yu Kuai Ban is the online office hall in Chongqing, which becomes the bridge between enterprises, citizens, and government departments. For example, Nan’an District Administration for Market Regulations found that the online business volume increased significantly on February 6, due to the epidemic. Fortunately, the efficiency of online approval has also been greatly improved, and it took only 20 minutes to process one case.

The APP – Yu Kuai Ban

On that day, the Nan’an District Administration for Market Regulations accepted a total of 36 online registrations of enterprises, 28 special equipment registrations, and more than 20 registrations for food, drug, and medical device.

The smart government affairs platform, Yu Kuai Ban, will go all out to ensure the security and health of people in Chongqing. It will also meet the needs of enterprises and people with high quality and efficiency at the same time.

Chongqing vigorously promotes the online handling of administrative services. It is convenient for enterprises and the masses to ask people and get things done through online consultation, online booking, and online processing.

According to statistics, on the first day of returning to work after the Spring Festival, the Yu Kuai Ban platform received more than 900 consultations from the masses and enterprises, accepted 3,177 applications, and completed 3,051 applications that day.


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