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Chongqing-Based Enterprises Resume Production and Work After an Extended Holiday


Chongqing – Starting from February 10, Chongqing-based enterprises gradually resume production and work after an extended Chinese Lunar New Year holiday due to the novel coronavirus.

Human mobility increases as the resumption begins, but so do the risks and difficulties of epidemic prevention and control. How can we prepare and respond to the first day of production and work resumption, and what are the supporting and relevant measures?

Here are iChongqing’s answers.

to a gradual resumption of production and work


The staff is checking the passenger’s body temperature. (Photo by Yang Xinyu)

Wu Cunrong, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, said Chongqing had made a comprehensive plan for transport in a live interview with China Central Television’s anchor Bai Yansong on Monday evening. “All people entering the rail transit transport or taking buses are checked for their body temperature,” said Mr. Wu. “We have made a series of arrangements for vehicle disinfection, ventilation, and personnel protection to ensure the proper utility of vehicles and minimize passenger transport intensity.”

Moreover, specific measures were detailed in Monday’s press conference on epidemic prevention and control. According to the Chongqing Traffic Bureau, proper steps involve three aspects- the rail transit, bus, and taxi. All bus lines have been put into regular operation. A total of 7,156 buses have operated, an increase of 4,105 buses, and 135% than that of the previous day. All eight rail transit lines resumed normal operations. Except for Line 4 at trial operation, the opening and closing time other lines have been restored to 6:30 am and 10:30 pm, respectively. Taxis in the downtown area have fully resumed normal operations. Working for staff, drivers included, and passengers must wear masks.

The Chongqing Municipal Health Commission issued the Technical Guide for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia After Production and Work Resumption (Trial) to strengthen the technical guidance for enterprises, according to Monday’s press conference.

First day of production and work resumption in Chongqing


The first batch of 200 industrial enterprises in Liangjiang New Area resume production and work in an orderly way on February 10. (Photo by Yang Ye)

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, enterprises dealing with critical medical supplies and key living materials have gradually resumed production, and energy companies have been in regular production.  First, production capacity will continue to expand for enterprises related to medical supply production in urgent need of epidemic prevention and control, the normal life of the people, and the city (including coal, electricity, oil, gas, transportation, and information).  Second, work will start as soon as possible for enterprises involving major projects construction and other enterprises related to urban-rural operations, epidemic prevention and control, energy supply, transportation and logistics, medical supplies and daily necessities production, public services.  Third, other general enterprises will resume production in batches and orderly after 24:00 on February 9, 2020.

Seres New Energy in the Yufu Industrial Park, China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone has made preparations for the resumption of production and work.  After the epidemic broke out, the company arranged more than 30 security personnel to disinfect, such as elevators, workshops, and other important areas every day.  It has purchased protective supplies such as masks and disinfectants to meet the demand of employees in a month.

The transmission plant of Chang’an Ford Motor in Liangjiang New Area also resumed its production, and the first batch of 292 employees returned to work on Monday.  The plant has established an information declaration system for all employees, requiring them to report personal information promptly and truthfully.  It is worth mentioning that the plant has made use of televisions to roll out news related to epidemic prevention and control during the break so that employees can learn how to protect themselves better.

Yubei District promotes point-to-point bus services and opens a 24-hour service line to ensure the work of employees in key hospitals, supermarket stores, production enterprises, and other front-line units fighting the epidemic.  At present, the Liangjiang Public Transport Company has a restored capacity of 100 vehicles, and more than 150 standby drivers are on call at any time.

Measures to support the resumption of production and work

The first batch of 200 industrial enterprises in Liangjiang New Area resumed production and work in an orderly way on February 10. The new area has introduced measures from eight aspects, including helping enterprises for resumption. Coordinated efforts to help deal with difficulties in epidemic prevention, equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, labor, capital, transportation, and energy use. Raised masks, disinfectants, and other supplies for epidemic prevention and control will give priority to key enterprises to resume operation. Enterprises are encouraged to resume work and production through the online office, remote conference, etc. Measures related to the epidemic shall be implemented from the issuance day to December 30, 2020.

Apart from these measures, the General Office of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government issued 20 measures on February 4 to support small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to overcome difficulties in fighting against the novel coronavirus, to give a full play of their role in the epidemic prevention and control. These measures involve three aspects- further improve government services, lessen the burden on enterprises, and increase financial support. The implementation period of the measures is from its issuance to June 30, 2020. 


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