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Living with COVID③ - Olga, Russian Professor: Beibei Chongqing is My Home, So I Won't Leave

Feb 21,2020 ByJames, Deng Zhang,ICHONGQING

Chongqing – During this COVID-19 epidemic, thousands of ex-pats in Chongqing are performing self-quarantine at home.

How are they handling all the difficulties of this challenging time? Are they safe, and do they have enough support from the local government and community?

In this series ‘Living with COVID-19,’ iChongqing is reaching out to them online to share their stories.

In today’s program, we welcome associate professor Olga Kazmina to iChongqing. She has spent the last nine years in Chongqing, where she works for the Russian Language Department at Southwest University.

During the interview from her home in Beibei District, Olga shares her thoughts and experiences about the Coronavirus outbreak. She talks about her reasons for seeing the crisis through Chongqing, her daily life under quarantine, and the way she feels the government has handled the epidemic.

Many thanks again to Olga for joining us on iChongqing. 

Over the course of the outbreak, we will continue reaching out to the ex-pat community in Chongqing, and bring you the best first-hand accounts of their experiences as the crisis unfolds.

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