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Shipped! Chongqing Donates 180,000 Masks to Italy


Chongqing- On March 19, the Chongqing Municipal Government handed over the donation of medical materials to Italy at Chongqing Tongjunge Logistics Co., Ltd. Zhang Yongwu, secretary of the Party of Chongqing Municipal Government, Deng Guanghuai, deputy head of Yuzhong District, and Guido Bilancini, Italian Consul General in Chongqing attended the delivery ceremony.

“Forza Italia!” on the boxes

This is the first time that the Chongqing government has donated anti-pandemic materials to Italy. This batch of materials contains 180,000 masks, including 150,000 medical surgical masks and 30,000 FFP2 masks. In addition, Chongqing Municipality also donated 100,000 medical surgical masks and 50,000 KF94 masks to Shiraz, Iran. This is the second batch of donations from Chongqing to overseas. 

In terms of materials donated to Italy, there are Chinese and Italian languages “Forza Italia!” on the boxes.

Zhang Yongwu said that Chongqing and Italy have a long history of friendship. As early as 1988, the Italian government assisted in the construction of the Chongqing Emergency Medical Center and donated ambulances, therefore, many Chongqing citizens grateful for this. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Italian government and people have provided valuable support and help to the people of Chongqing in fighting the epidemic, and Chongqing citizens are deeply moved and appreciated. The pandemic has no borders. At present, there are more confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections in Italy, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is becoming increasingly serious. “Chongqing people are willing to maintain good communication with Italy, provide support as much as we could, and work together with the Italian government and people to overcome the difficulties while great efforts made to fight the pandemic in this city”, Zhang said.

Guido Bilancini thanked the Chongqing Municipal Government for extending a helping hand at a critical moment in the fight against the pandemic in Italy. He said that this batch of materials was the first batch of medical supplies donated to the Italian Red Cross in China`s southwestern region. It will be sent to the Italian Embassy in China tonight and will be transported back to Italy by a special plane of the Italian Civil Defense Agency.

Chongqing Municipality also donated 100,000 medical surgical masks and 50,000 KF94 masks to Shiraz, Iran.

Since the outbreak, Chongqing has received support and help from foreign governments, international friend cities, and international organizations in various ways. Chongqing people will not forget the assistance in this critical period.

Chongqing has donated a batch of medical and epidemic prevention supplies to some foreign friendship cities on March 10, including donating 5000 N95 masks and 15,000 disposable medical masks to Seoul, South Korea; 10,000 medical masks and 5000 N95 masks to Jeollanam-do, South Korea.

the shipment arranged at Tongjunge Ltd.


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