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Good Places for Spring Outing in Chongqing


As COVID-19 in Chongqing is almost under control, parks in Chongqing have been opened to the public one after another. Today, following iChongqing, let’s appreciate attractive views in spring in parks.

Fotuguan Park

Fotuguan Park is the oldest park in Chongqing.

As Fotuguan is the oldest park in Chongqing, it is needless to say its important position for locals. It merged with Eling Park, but they are not interconnected. It is still called Fotuguan Park by many people.

Fotuguan Park is the most legendary park with the richest cultural deposit in Chongqing. Every corner in this park tells a piece of the story.

Walking along the path, you can have a glance at the fine view in the city.

If you are patient, you can take a photo of Chongqing Rail Transit (CRT).

If you are patient, you can take a photo of Chongqing Rail Transit (CRT).

Transportation: Get off at Eling Station of Line 1 or at Fotuguan Station of Line 2.

Ticket: Free

Haitang Yanyu Park


Walking there, you will appreciate its charm which is comparable with that of the Bund in Shanghai.

Haitang Yanyu Park is a good choice for river view lovers to take a walk and enjoy the landscape.

When the evening lights are lit, Haitang Yanyu Park on Nanbin Road is as enchanting as a landscape painting, and it is even more beautiful when the fountain is ejecting.

Dotted light relieves against the landmark Chongqing Sheraton Hotel, just as if this amazing view were only seen in heaven.

The warm golden light is giving out from the lamp chimney. 

Transportation: Take buses No. 338, No. 373 or No. 375 or Airport Express K05 to get off at Haitang Yanyu Park

Ticket: Free

Tieshanping Forest Park

Tieshanping abounds in red plum blossoms which are giving off a pleasant smell at this very moment.

Tieshanping abounds in red plum blossoms which are giving off a pleasant smell at this very moment. Red plum blossoms bloom for a longer time. In addition, rare white and green plum blossoms can be seen here. A variety of plum blossoms in thousands of postures have attracted many visitors.

Address: Tieshanping, Jiangbei District, Chongqing

Ticket: Free

Caiyun Lake National Wetland Park

Caiyun Lake National Wetland Park.

Peach blossoms in Caiyun Lake National Wetland Park are in full bloom, adorning the view around the lake. It is greatly beautiful. Nearly 4,000 peach trees on the islet bloom pleasantly, representing a lovely spring.

In this park, there are 10 varieties of peach blossoms, such as red-leaf or green-leaf peach blossoms and Kawanaka peach blossoms. On the blue water, butterflies and bees are flying happily. Pink blossoms are swinging around the lake, setting off visitors under them.

Address: Caiyun Lake, Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone, Jiulongpo District

Ticket: Free

Zhaomushan Forest Park

Red plum blossoms on Zhaomu Mountain always attract numerous tourists when they bloom.

Zhaomushan Forest Park was closed for a period of time due to the COVID-19 outbreak and reopened this week.

Red plum and peach blossoms in the park are blooming. Walking or cycling in the sea of flowers is the most pleasant in this beautiful spring.

Address: No. 88, West Section of Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing

Ticket: Free


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