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Time-honored Fengdu Temple Fair Will Be Held Online


Fengdu Temple Fair, China’s intangible cultural heritage, will be unveiled on March 26 as scheduled. This session of Fengdu Temple Fair is celebrated online for the first time, enabling visitors around the world to appreciate the charm of the “Ghost Town of the World” without traveling to Fengdu County personally.

The Millenary Fengdu Temple Fair Will Be “Celebrated Online” for the First Time

National intangible cultural heritage: Fengdu Temple Fair. (Photo provided by Fengdu Culture and Tourism Development Committee)

As an annual traditional festival of the locals, Fengdu Temple Fair was first held in the Jin Dynasty(AD.1115-1234) and prospered in the Ming and Qing dynasties. With the history of more than one thousand years, the pageant, boasting the folk cultural customs of long history and unique connotations, fantastic myths and legends and irreplaceable value of appreciation and experience, has become a “calling card” of Fengdu, attracting millions of visitors admiring its reputation every year.

Affected by the global outbreak of COVID-19, 2020 Fengdu (Online) Temple Fair in Chongqing, China will adopt innovative measures to make the parade, bazaar, intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and the appearance of Fengdu available online, providing visitors with a different experience of Fengdu Temple Fair, and the opportunity to participate in this time-honored event of one-thousand-year history from a new perspective.

Appreciate the One-Thousand-Year ICH at Home

National intangible cultural heritage: Fengdu Temple Fair. (Photo provided by Fengdu Culture and Tourism Development Committee)

The online Fengdu Temple Fair without the on-site bustle and hustle is equally beautiful due to the HD video frames that present visitors with more detailed and more explicit sightseeing.

“Town God Tour” is a highlight of the Fengdu Temple Fair every year. Notably, the tour route has been initiatively arranged in the Mingshan Scenic Area of the Ghost Town this year. Visitors can not only overlook the landscape of the first batch of national key places of interest through the aerial pictures but also look on the Town God leading dressed deities like the Ox Head, Horse Face, and Black and White Impermanences to reward the virtuous and punish the wicked following the video shots.

The “Night Tour in the Ghost Town” activity is always popular with visitors and will also play a new game this year. Under the video shots, visitors can experience various classic scenes such as walking on the road to Hades, drinking the Meng Po soup, and crossing the Bridge of Helplessness, feeling just as if personally on the scene with the lifelike frames.

Ways for Participation: Multiple Accesses to Fengdu County “Online”

The “Night Tour in the Ghost Town” activity always is popular with visitors. (Photo provided by Fengdu Culture and Tourism Development Committee)

By visiting the temple fair, visitors have the chance to comprehend the history, enjoy the beautiful scenery, acquaint themselves with the ICH, and taste the delicacies in Fengdu County. 2020 Fengdu (Online) Temple Fair in Chongqing, China, will last until April 26. During this whole month, visitors will feast on the lush landscape, abundant products, and rich humanistic connotations of Fengdu in forms like the live cloud streaming, cloud video, cloud tourism, and cloud interaction.

On occasion, visitors can participate in the temple fair through diverse channels, including the WeChat official account, Weibo, and Tik Tok.


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