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Chongqing Business Circles Realize Nearly 100% Work Resumption


The beautiful life restarts as spring comes. Recently, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce was informed that while continuing with COVID-19 prevention, all major business circles in Chongqing had resumed work. Two months later, Chongqing people can see a bustling city again.

After register their identity information under the guidance of the staff at the Mixc shopping center, visitors can get in the shopping mall, which located in Jiulongpo district.

More than 10,000, i.e. nearly 100%, commercial and trade enterprises and self-employment businesses in all major business circles of Chongqing have resumed work/production. Meanwhile, prices of the main necessities have trended downwards. According to the data of the latest week, prices of pork and vegetables fell and that of grain and oil remained stable. Jiang Tianlin, manager of Yonghui Superstores (Life Plaza Branch), said suppliers successively restarted work/production, the number of visitors of the superstore was improved significantly, it re-obtained normal product provision and customers stopped stockpiling.

In terms of the status quo of Chongqing where the business economy is gradually recovering, Yao Shujie, specially-appointed professor of Chongqing University and Yangtze River Scholar, said: “It’s laudable that the government actively stimulated consumption.” He considered further steps should be carried out to ease the worries of both sellers and buyers: “First, it needs to ensure security. For example, how does the catering industry make sure the food is safe to be taken? Second, it should help consumers get rid of the worry to be infected with the virus.” Yao also proposed that given the current economic environment, the government should intensify tax reduction effort to encourage businesses: “It’s not so difficult to revive Chongqing’s economy as long as people rebuild their confidence in consumption.”


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