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A Journey into the Rural Heart of Shizhu County - James' Vlog

By James Alexander, Deng ZhangICHONGQING|Apr 16,2020

Chongqing- In today’s vlog in Zhongyi Township, Shizhu County, Chongqing, we traveled there to learn how life has improved under the policy of ‘Two non-concerns and three guarantees.’ The aims are for rural households to have security in food and clothing, whilst benefitting from access to guaranteed healthcare, quality housing, and education.

One of the greatest difficulties faced by rural households is the problem of healthcare, not only the distances involved but, more importantly, the extreme cost of medical treatment in comparison to local income. In past years, this issue has caused many households to fall back into poverty, but now policy guarantees access to government-sponsored health insurance, the number of such cases has fallen dramatically.

All the buildings in Zhongyi are now structurally sound, equipped with basic amenities, and attractively renovated. However, this was not always the case before quality housing was guaranteed under the new policy to alleviate poverty. On a visit to the home of Tan Dengzhou, they allowed us inside to see and film the living conditions they now enjoy.

In addition, the government has improved vital infrastructure, so that remote communities are now accessible through a network of modern roads, and households can enjoy the basic utilities of electricity, gas, and running water. 

While the basic necessities of life have been guaranteed, the rural economy is seeing investment in the hope that communities can take advantage of local resources and accessibility to promote tourism and the sale of agricultural produce. A case example is the Huaxi village post office that also sells locally produced organic herbs, staples, and honey.


Locally produced water shield herbs on display in the Huaxi village post office for tourists to buy on-site or online


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