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At Least One Level-A Secondary Hospital for Each Poverty-Stricken County

By JIEYU WANG|Apr 24,2020

In response to the requirement of basic medical security, Chongqing plans to carry out a special medical campaign for poverty alleviation, according to the news from Chongqing Municipal Health Commission on April 21. Overall, the types of special treatment for significant diseases targeted at the rural poor will be expanded to 30 and more, and there will be at least one level-A secondary hospital in each poverty-stricken county within this year.

Chongqing will push forward the campaign in four ways.

Firstly, as for the medical institution, two county-level government-funded hospitals, including one traditional Chinese medicine hospital, will be established in every poverty-stricken county, one government-funded health center in every village and town, and one village clinic in every administrative village.

Secondly, in terms of the medical technician, there will be at least one medical practitioner in every specialized department for every county-level hospital, at least one medical (assistant) practitioner in every township health center, at least one general practitioner by the end of this year, striving to reach the ratio of 2.8 general practitioners per 10,000 people, as well as at least one registered doctor or medical (assistant) practitioner in every village clinic.

Thirdly, in terms of medical service capacity, there will be two county-level government-funded hospitals in every poverty-stricken county to reach the medical service capacity of secondary hospitals, and at least one level-A secondary hospital by the end of 2020.

Fourthly, Chongqing will carry out medical treatment for impoverished people to ensure the basic medical security to cover all. People who are in the poverty register will enjoy basic medical insurance, major disease insurance, and medical assistance for urban and rural residents. The types of special treatment for significant diseases targeted at the rural poor will be expanded to 30 and more. All persons in the poverty register who are at home and have intentions are encouraged to sign the contracted family doctor service. Those poor households at higher risk of returning to poverty due to illness will be encouraged to do so.

Through the deep implementation of the campaign, these four goals will be overall achieved, including less than 10% of inpatient self-payment for people in the poverty register, less than 20% of outpatient self-payment for chronic diseases and major special diseases, more than 90% of visiting rate for every county, and more than 30 types of major diseases for centralized treatment.


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