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Chongqing 'A' Rated Cultural and Tourist Attractions Open Successfully During Labour Day Holiday

By James Alexander|May 06,2020

Chongqing- On May 3th 2020, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development announced that over the first three days of the Labour Day Holiday, 95.3% of 'A' rated tourists attractions had opened to the public, with 84.7% of related staff back at work. Preventative measures have been in effect over this time, including management policies such as the restriction of visitor numbers and a reservation system. The operation of tourist areas has proceeded in an orderly and stable fashion.


The Children's Park at Tieshanping Mountain in Jiangbei District has attracted many visitors over the Chinese Labour Day Festival, especially with the sunny and hot weather enjoyed over the holiday.

During the Labour Day Holiday, there has been a rich variety of events to attract the public and create a festive atmosphere. While attractions have taken care to satisfy epidemic control requirements, events have included the first edition of the Kaizhou Hydrangea Festival, the Dianjiang Peony Festival, and the Wuxi Rhododendron Flower Show. Libraries and Culture Centres throughout the municipality have held 389 online events.

70 museums have re-opened to the public during the Labour Day Holiday, offering a wide variety of cultural public exhibitions, subject to advance reservation online. In addition, it's also possible to enjoy museum exhibits on a virtual tour through their official websites and Wechat portals. For example, the Chongqing Three Gorges Museum unveiled a special exhibition named 'A Glorious Centenary of Old Shanghai Qipao Dresses,' while the former residence of Song Qingling also opened the 'Ammonite Friendship' photograph exhibition. Over the first three days of the holiday, museums municipality wide received around 150,000 visitors.

There have been a range of strategies in effect to encourage consumer spending over the holiday, such as the release of e-vouchers from tourist boards and online promotional events. These include the 'Hot Online Tour of Tongliang' event and the 'Xiushan Consumer Discount Festival.' Meanwhile, Wanzhou County held a sales promotion worth a total of 3 million Yuan for the public. As a result, figures have demonstrated the culture and tourism sectors are enjoying a clear revival.

At present, the focus of epidemic control is to prevent a second wave of infection through imported cases. Strict measures have involved a reservation system based on restricted time windows for visitors. Scenic areas are only permitted to open their outdoor areas to the public while operating at 30% capacity. Visitors must produce a health QR code on entry and observe protective measures during ticket checks and at key locations. Under cover inspections have been held to ensure that safety measures are being enforced according to policy.


The idyllic surroundings at Jiufeng Lake in the mountains just outside Chongqing has attracted large numbers of local visitors over the Labour Day Holiday.

A total of 241 tourist attractions have opened to the pubic in Chongqing Municipality over the Labour Day Holiday, a rate of 95.3%. Tourism sector businesses of scale numbering 53,023 have 84.7% of staff back at work. 

Despite the proportional decline in overall visitor numbers, the tourism market has shown great stability and order over the holiday period, and there have been zero cases of health and safety incidents during this time.


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