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Haifu Hospital Holds "The First House in Life" Drawing Exhibition on Mother's Day


Chongqing- On Mother’s Day, a special exhibition with the theme of The First House in Life was held in Chongqing Haifu Hospital, which showcased 50 children’s drawings about moms ‘ womb in their imagination.

A few weeks before the exhibition, Haifu Hospital launched the collection activity among the medical staff and patients to encourage children to draw their mothers’ womb where their life got started.

The First House in Life children's drawing exhibition.

The First House in Life children’s drawing exhibition.The First House in Life children’s drawing exhibition.

“While we collected the drawings from the children, we are touched and surprised by their works. The drawings are so wonderful and full of children’s fantasies and love for their mothers.” Said Ms. Wang Lian, the director of Haifu Hospital. “From the drawings, you can see in the Children’s mind, the mother’s womb is so warm and loving.” She said.

During the exhibition, joined by their mothers, children were invited to get on the stage and describe the meaning of their drawings. A child pointed to his drawing and explained, “This is my mother’s womb. The bigger ball in it is me and the smaller one is my sister. When we grew bigger and bigger and couldn’t fit in the womb anymore, we climbed out of her uterus.”

Children were invited to explain their drawings.

Children were invited to explain their drawings.

Professor Wang Zhibiao, the Chief science Promotion Expert of China Association for Science and Technology and Inventor of HIFU Tumor Therapeutic System, attended the exhibition and gave a mini-lecture to the children on the origin of life, showing them how the uterus nurtures life and how life gets started there.

Professor Wang Zhibiao gave a mini lecturer to the children during the exhibition.

Professor Wang Zhibiao gave a mini lecturer to the children during the exhibition.

In order to better explain the state of uterine fibroids in the uterus to patients and compare after later treatment, every doctor in Haifu Hospital has practiced a unique skill, that is, drawing anatomical drawings of the uterus.

The anatomical drawings of uterus byThe doctors in Haifu Hospital

The anatomical drawings of uterus drawn by doctors of Chongqing Haifu Hospital.

Chongqing Haifu Hospital is the birthplace and demonstration hospital of China’s original and world’s leading focused ultrasound ablation technology. It is committed to the non-invasive operation, which is no scar, no bleeding, and no damage to healthy tissues. From 2000 to 2018, this original medical technology developed by Chongqing Haifu has treated 120,000 cases of benign and malignant tumor diseases in the world.


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