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Muhammad NASEEM: Different Strategies Should be Adopted in Combating COVID-19


Chongqing- Global Epidemic Prevention & Control and Human Rights Protection International Conference Series was held on May 9. There were two themed sessions on the conference, which were Value Status and Legal Protection of the Right to Life and Safeguarding the Right to Life of Vulnerable Groups under the Epidemic.

Muhammad NASEEM, Director of the University of Lahore Center for Sustainability Research and Practice in Pakistan, gave his speech in the second half of the conference, with the theme of Safeguarding the Right to Life of Vulnerable Group under the Epidemic. The understanding of COVID-19 also depends on the specific situation of different countries, including the composition of policy rights, geographical environment, population and economic pressure, unemployment, and more. There are more strategic choices for epidemic prevention and control and different situations will result in different strategies.

For example, because of geographic reasons, demographic reasons, and the population distribution is very uneven, Pakistan has to study different vulnerable groups. Meanwhile, Pakistan has political parties of different groups with political influence, and the political structure is also different from China. Moreover, vulnerable groups in Pakistan include those people with low education and few sources of information, such as refugees in refugee camps and Muslim groups. Considering those problems, if Pakistan took measures to suspend all business and commercial activities in COVID-19, there might be new domestic violence.

Each state has its own different policies and measures according to other circumstances. Different countries have different anti-epidemic measures, so Pakistan’s epidemic situation must be understood.


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