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Chongqing Working with Alibaba to Help 1,000 Businesses Transform into Digital Cross-border E-commerce


Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. jointly held the promotion meeting–“Selling Chongqing Products around the World” and the launch ceremony of Chongqing’s Spring Thunder Program on May 8. The two sides will work together to promote the digital transformation of local enterprises in Chongqing and help Chongqing products to be sold across the country and around the world. Alibaba.com will cultivate three offline industrial belt gathering centers in Chongqing and help 1,000 enterprises to transform into digital cross-border e-commerce.

According to Chongqing’s Spring Thunder Program, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce and Alibaba plan to achieve seven goals within three years.

The first goal is to jointly establish 20 live streaming bases with the property of the industrial belt, to make live streaming become the basic technology of business from a platform for social media influencers.

Second, they will select 300 manufacturing e-commerce enterprises to connect the links of production, supply, and sales, and cultivate 20 ultimate factories out of these into businesses featuring the customer-to-manufactory (C2M) model, and help them to explore new markets.

Third, focusing on the industries of machinery manufacturing, hardware tools, building materials, and biochemistry, three offline industrial belt centers will be cultivated to help 1,000 enterprises transform into digital cross-border e-commerce, with a focus on cultivating 100 model exporters in cross-border business-to-business (B2B) (online transaction between enterprises).

Forth, Tmall will help 100 high-quality enterprises to open the brand retail market at home.

Fifth, 1688.com will help 1,000 manufacturing enterprises realize digital transformation and open the sales channel of the domestic market.

Sixth, the Taobao university will train more than 10,000 streamers within three years.

Seventh, they aim to drive local industries to realize 20 million orders.

To achieve these goals, the two sides will team up with financial institutions and ecological partners while integrating the strength of Alibaba’s digital economy, to provide enterprises with platform resources and integrated services in marketing, production, supply chain, and finance, and help them improve their manufacturing capacity and technology level and realize digital upgrading.

Next, the two sides will comprehensively sort out local industrial resources and jointly promote the marketing of local products around the world from three aspects. First, they will create domestic market sales channels, undertake the domestic market consumption recovery, and enable local foreign trade enterprises to sell their products across the country. Second, they will implement the “1 + 3 + N action” to help traditional foreign trade and small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises transform into cross-border e-commerce and integrate online and offline business, to promote the global sale of Chongqing products. Third, they will highlight the characteristics of local industries, focus on creating an online industrial belt for domestic automobile and motorcycle parts, jointly support enterprises not only to weather the current crisis but also to find the opportunity for the future, as well as continue to expand B2B cross-border e-commerce export.

As such, Alibaba’s relevant platforms have developed preferential policies. For example, Tmall has allowed 100 local enterprises that meet the relevant requirements to open shops on the platform through the green channel. During the pandemic, the annual fee is exempted from these enterprises for three months. The feiiplat website will enable 100 quality e-commerce enterprises to have digitization capability for coordinating production and marketing, and provide digital factory applications for free and give priority to them to access the preferential applications on the platform.


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