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The Lightning Talk - COVID-19 Respond & Recover: Virtual Conference + Expo Online


Chongqing- On April 30, Jorah Kai, a Canadian writer and teacher in China who blogged about his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic for 60 days and shared his diary with iChongqing and Canadian CTV News Network was invited to be a keynote speaker for the conference COVID-19 Respond & Recover: Virtual Conference + Expo, an annual conference of business people, some dealing with hospitals, hotels, grocery stores, and managing many workers, business owners, and union people, etc. The conference theme is recovery from the pandemic and economic rebuilding after. He spoke about his diary, which is being released as a book called The Invisible War, and his advice on how to avoid being infected, how to have a meaningful quarantine or cocooning, and work on improving ourselves during this special time.

Since a lot of the science facts finally made it to the West, Kai has decided to focus on three parts in his speech. Firstly, he introduced his story and experience in Chongqing about writing his diary, the book The Invisible War, and discovering the virus and how Chongqing fought it back from January – March. Secondly, Kai suggested the things overseas citizens need to do, including social distance, masks, washing hands, and being vigilant. Thirdly, Kai introduced how to have a good quarantine or cocooning: to emerge better, using 1) mindfulness, 2) movement (exercise), 3) meaningful engagement (with friends and family), and 4) mastery, improving themselves. These messages are the core of his book as well.

“The “Lightning Talk,” a 10-minute ted-style talk, was well received, lots of good feedback, and I had a positive experience,” said Kai.

There were many other interesting guest speakers, including the “Lion Whisperer” and Jean Claude Van Damme, Kai’s childhood hero, martial arts legend and Hollywood movie star for movies like “Bloodsport,” “Kickboxer,” and “Universal Soldier.” “Jean Claude Van Damme’s talk was interesting, that there is a Yin and a Yang to life and even with the virus, we see the people trapped inside, but dolphins are swimming in canals in Italy, the Thames looks tropical, and the Ganges is drinkable. So he hopes, we will learn when we emerge from our lockdown, somehow to be kinder to the earth, because, he thinks, it is being out of balance the leads to these kinds of problems. It was an interesting point of view, and I also hope we use technology to become more environmentally sustainable and kinder to nature”, said Kai.

As Kai is an English teacher from Foreign Language School, when he told his students about the conference, he is impressed and touched due to he could be on the same stage with his idol. “How it felt to be able to stand on a stage with one of my childhood heroes (Jean Claude Van Damme) and work together with him to try to help resist and rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic. I told them to work hard and follow their passions and one day too; their teenage idols would become their peers and at that moment, they could think back to this day and how life is just a series of cycles. It was a touching moment,” he told iChongqing’s reporter.

About CSE

This year’s COVID-19 Respond & Recover: Virtual Conference + Expo was held by the Canada Sustainability Conference (CSC), which raising funds for WE, in support of empowering future leaders and change-makers. In addition to supporting WE’s programs, the CSC serves as an international environmental education event that models green practices. All parties involved in producing the event are committed to environmental sustainability– striving for a zero-waste and carbon-neutral event.

CSC actions include zero-waste stations, water refill stations, eco-friendly merchandise featuring organic cotton and 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, showcasing green companies and environmental non-profits, locally-grown organic concessions, and catering. Many of the CSC greening initiatives evolved from the practices established at the MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions, a proud partner of the event.

The CSC can support your mission and sustainability pledge around developing sustainable cleaning solutions that pave the way for improved communities for all.



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