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26 Chongqing Enterprises Attend 2020 Exposition on China Indigenous Brand Online


On May 10, or Chinese Brands Day, 2020 Exposition on China Indigenous Brand Online was launched. Chongqing cloud pavilion themed with “Legendary Bayu” also went online. The pavilion is of the theme section of the “green development of Yangtze River belt.” A total of 26 Chongqing enterprises are on display, showing the unique charm of Chongqing brands in an all-round way.

2020 Exposition on China Indigenous Brand Online is themed with “China Brand World Sharing; All-Round Moderate Prosperity Sophisticated Life; Power of Brand – Combating COVID-19 in Full Swing”.

A total of 26 brand enterprises from Chongqing were selected to participate in the exhibition, including green ecological enterprises, intangible and time-honored enterprises that embody Chongqing’s cultural heritage, and innovative enterprises led by big data intelligence.

Chongqing Overview exhibition

Chongqing cloud pavilion is divided into three sections: the entrance lobby area, the exhibition area, and the exit area. Among them, the exhibition area is sub-divided into Chongqing Overview, Chongqing Story, and Powerhouse of Intelligent Manufacturing. Through VR, 360-degree panoramic browsing, hotspot links, and other modern display technologies, Chongqing’s brand image are displayed through multi-dimensional interaction with exhibitors in the form of scenes, videos, graphic display, Livestream experience, online shopping, and other forms.

Among them, “Chongqing Overview” focuses on the scenic beauty of Chongqing and the achievements of ecological priority green development and construction. The overall design style is dignified and simple, and the main colors are grass green and sky blue, highlighting the beauty of Chongqing’s green hills and clear waters. Boarding a ship after entering the exhibition area, you can see Chongqing’s beautiful scenery on the shore and eight green eco-brand enterprises of agriculture and tourism.

Afterward, you “disembark the ship” and enter the second exhibition area, Chongqing Story, to know more about the Chongqing ethos—humanities. The exhibition area integrated the concepts of Hongya Cave and Ciqikou Ancient Town, and implanted cultural elements into scenic spots and urban blocks, telling Chinese stories via the voice of Chongqing. Eight enterprises from the fields of the cultural and creative industry, intangible cultural heritage, and time-honored brands are displayed here.

The exhibition hall of “Powerhouse of Intelligent Manufacturing.”

The exhibition hall of “Powerhouse of Intelligent Manufacturing” focuses on showing the achievements of Chongqing in promoting the digitalization, networking, and intelligent development of the manufacturing industry led by big data intelligent innovation. The hall’s main colors are white and blue, highlighting the sense of modernity and science and technology, with a total of 10 participating brand enterprises.

In the design of the exit area, “Sichuan-Chongqing Interaction” has been specially added. Click on the hot spot to access the Sichuan cloud pavilion. Meanwhile, Sichuan has particularly added hot spot at the exit. Chongqing cloud pavilion is accessible by clicking on the hot spot. Through interactions, exhibitors can learn more about Sichuan and Chongqing’s determination to build both Chengdu and Chongqing and the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.


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