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Livestream Marketing, a New Engine to Boost Chongqing's Consumption


On May 10, Chongqing held a conference to promote online consumption by vigorously developing the new formats and new modes of the “three online” (i.e., online formats, online services, and online management), and officially launched the Action Plan to Accelerate the Livestream Marketing. Chongqing will vigorously implement the 2111 project for Livestream marketing, revealed relevant persons in charge of the Chongqing Commission of Commerce. By 2022, Chongqing will strive to achieve an annual turnover of over RMB 10 billion for live streaming e-commerce and become a city of application and innovation for live streaming.

Over 20,000 Livestream shows bring sales amount RMB 1.16 billion in Q1

Cao Qingyao, Secretary of the CPC Rongchang District Committee, who came to Chongbao Shangyou live broadcast room to market Rongchang specialties personally and give out surprise gifts to netizens.

When leading cadres become hosts of Livestream shows rather than delivering speeches in formal wear to the public, how attractive and creative can they be? Some party and government leaders of the four districts and counties took a chance on live streaming, which can be regarded as a “touchstone.”

During Jiangbei District’s one-hour Livestream show, the views exceeded 220,000, statistics show. Sales orders of Dencare toothpaste, Tashan cowhide leather mat, and Haier intelligent household electrical appliance exceeded 2,000, with the sales amounting to over RMB 500,000.

As of noon, Wulong District’s Livestream show attracted 730,000 views. The platform of “Wulong Flavor” put on sale agricultural featured products including Xiannv Black Tea, Yangjiao Dried Tofu, Wulong Batata Starch, Loach Paddy Rice, and Yangjiao Well-aged Vinegar, racking up 29,600 orders, totaling more than RMB 4.1 million in sales amount.

This, however, is just an epitome of how live streaming has become trending in Chongqing.

As of April 2020, the number of farmer live streamers in Chongqing had doubled compared with last year, covering all districts and counties and live streaming over 10,000 times; on Taobao’s food sales Livestream channel, one out of every ten live food broadcast rooms is from Chongqing. Especially since February, the food and catering industry in Chongqing has shifted to the online sector, driving the growth rate of live streaming, ranking first in China.

According to third-party platform monitoring, in the first quarter of this year, Chongqing delivered more than 20,000 Livestream shows, receiving nearly 60 million views; the number of commodities live-streamed reached more than 41,000, with retail sales exceeding 25 million items and sales reaching RMB 1.16 billion, noted relevant person in charge of Chongqing Commission of Commerce.

Livestream Marketing Accelerates Economic Recovery

Livestream marketing is a new engine to boost Chongqing’s consumption.

The effect of Livestream marketing lies not only in the sales results of each Livestream show. More importantly, live streaming marketing has generated a continuous drive to promote consumption and become a new engine for Chongqing’s consumption.

“As a new business model, live streaming marketing is a commercial force with strong vitality,” indicated Shen Hongbing, professor at School of Economics, Chongqing Technology and Business University. The coordination and integration between this force and the government’s poverty alleviation force, featured with the nature of public welfare, will be conducive to promoting consumption and driving targeted poverty alleviation through live streaming e-commerce.

In the next step, Chongqing will start with the Action Plan to Accelerate the Livestream Marketing and introduce consumption promotion policies at the same time to boost consumer confidence, release the restrained and frozen demand for physical consumption and service consumption, and accelerate the economic recovery.


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