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Tech Company 'Fast Video Aid' Creates Data Management Platform for Epidemic Healthcare Workers

May 13,2020 ByJames Alexander, Deng ZhangICHONGQING

Chongqing- During the COVID-19 epidemic in China, Fast Video Aid, a hi-tech company based in Liangjiang New Area created a smart health data management system for Chongqing medical teams working on the front line in Hubei Province, but which has also been used by over 200 organizations in Chongqing Municipality, including hospitals, government departments, and businesses.

Fast Video Aid is the developer of a medical emergency and consultation platform for use on smart devices. It has revolutionized the traditional process and time frame involved in reporting health emergencies by instantly connecting patients and medical personnel, which has been achieved using the advanced functions of smart mobile devices.

This application created by Fast Video Aid uses the camera and GPS functions of mobile phones, which links a patient instantly to emergency service personal through an operations center. The simplicity of use allows people who suffer from physical and sensory disabilities to use the system independently.

Chongqing medical teams dispatched to Hubei Province at the height of the crisis all returned with a zero infection rate. This outcome helps illustrate the contribution made by the data management system in epidemic control.


Fast Video Aid representative Mr. Zheng Xian answers questions from iChongqing at company headquarters in the Liangjiang New Zone

The main source of positive feedback was the user-friendly experience. Health workers register through a mobile application or Wechat portal, then report their health status at regular, designated intervals. Key details include body temperature, symptoms, and travel history, which are stored on a central database for analysis by a team of network operators. Since the need for paper records is completely eliminated, and the system automatically prompts all users to update their status, operators can easily monitor the health status of workers in real-time and conduct effective risk assessments.

Fast Video Aid Technology accepted an invitation from iChongqing to visit its headquarters in the Liangjiang New Zone and learn more about the 120 emergency response systems and data management platform. 


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