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Chongqing's Poverty Alleviation Efforts on Increasing the Resident's Income

By JIEYU WANG|May 15,2020

Chongqing- In an effort to achieve the goal of "two no worries and three guarantees," Chongqing has adopted flexible and diversified ways to help the impoverished through consumption, a method to consume goods and services provided by people in poor areas to increase their income and help lift them out of poverty.

(1)Municipal authorities at all levels and state-owned enterprises and institutions take the lead. Authorities at all levels, enterprises and institutions, financial institutions, and colleges and universities of 18 municipal poverty alleviation group member units incorporate poverty alleviation and take the lead in participating in poverty alleviation through consumption. Organize agricultural products in poor districts and counties for direct supply and selling to canteens of government agencies, schools, hospitals, enterprises, and institutions.

(2)Private enterprises and other social forces are mobilized to participate actively. Encourage private enterprises to purchase products and services from poor districts and counties by "purchasing instead of donating" and "purchasing as a means of helping" to help the poor increase their income and shake off poverty. Give full play to the role of social organizations such as trade associations, chambers of commerce, and charitable organizations, and organize and mobilize social forces such as caring enterprises and caring people to participate in poverty alleviation through consumption.

The villagers plowed their fields for cultivation in Banan, Chongqing.

(3)Resort to e-commerce and other forms to expand sales channels. Support poor districts and counties to improve rural e-commerce services and support systems, provide professional services such as product development, packaging design, online shop operation, product traceability, and personnel training for rural e-commerce operators, and continuously improve the poor's e-commerce application capability and level. Set up e-commerce industrial parks in poor districts and counties where conditions permit and cultivate and expand the main scale of the rural e-commerce market.

(4)Encourage the holding of various forms of agricultural product production and marketing matching activities. Support poor districts and counties to organize groups to participate in exhibitions such as Western China (Chongqing) International Agricultural Products Fair and the China (Chongqing) Commodities Fair. Relevant exhibitions will set up exhibition areas for poverty alleviation through consumption to promote, display, and sell special agricultural products from Chongqing's poor districts and counties. Guide the supply and marketing cooperative organizations in poor districts and counties to establish long-term and stable production and marketing ties with agricultural products processing and circulation enterprises, and actively carry out purchasing and marketing activities.

The fruit farmer is picking navel oranges in the orchard—photo by Li Bin.

(5)Carry out tourism-driven poverty alleviation activities. Guide poverty-stricken areas to set up special areas for selling agricultural products in scenic spots, hotels and restaurants, tourist distribution centers, and service areas on expressways, so as to focus on selling featured and advantageous agricultural products. Create brands of agricultural products, handicrafts, and other tourism products with Chongqing characteristics, and promote and publicize them for sale.


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