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10,000 Vervains Form a Sea of Purple


This month, the 93 hectares of vervains planted in Binjiang Park of Yuelai Eco-city are in full bloom for the first time, forming a fantastic purple sea, which has attracted many visitors. However, some uncivilized behaviors have destroyed this beauty. The park-keeper felt distressed, calling on the public to protect the flowers and the beautiful scenery.


Beautiful Brazilian Vervains in Full Bloom

Open to Public for Free

Ten thousand vervains planted in Binjiang Park of Yuelai Eco-city are in blossom. The flowers, swaying in the breeze, sweet and elegant, look just like the purple waves. Walking in the sea of flowers, visitors can take beautiful photos.

Beautiful Brazilian Vervains in Full Bloom

Brazilian vervain is native to parts of South America. It is a kind of ornamental plants, and its little purple flowers look a little like lavender. It symbolizes justice, expectation, and pure love, and was called “the herb of Venus” in ancient Rome. The blossom begins in May and will last until the end of September. During this period, the flowers take on their most charming form. Wandering in the purple flower sea of a dream, visitors will feel like in a romantic fairy tale world.

Beautiful Brazilian Vervains in Full Bloom

In early May, patches of vervains in Binjiang Park began to come into blossom, and the park was open to the public free of charge. The park has gradually gained popularity by word of mouth. According to the incomplete statistics of the park, over last weekend alone (May 9-10), the park has attracted nearly 3,000 visitors. This week the number is growing steadily.

Beautiful Brazilian Vervains in Full Bloom

Construction of Binjiang Park to be completed by the end of May

In addition to the vervains which come into blossom in summer, Binjiang Park of Yuelai Eco-city also has other flowers, which blossom in different seasons. The park contains more than 30 species of flowering plants from 18 families. The rational mixed planting of evergreen and deciduous plants highlights seasonal characteristics.

According to the sources of Yuelai Investment Group, the park is scheduled to be completed by the end of May. It will be a waterfront ecological experience zone integrating environmental, leisure, cultural, and artistic functions.

The park is located on Fangjiaping Road, Yuelai Eco-city (about 300 meters away from Rong’an Liuan Chaoming Sales Center), about 1.6 kilometers away from Gaoyikou Subway Station (Gate 3A).


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