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Chongqing Strives for Boosting Tourism in China's Travel Day


Chongqing- Since 2011, every May 19 has been designated as China’s Travel Day, with distinctive themes, extensive participation, and benefit to visitors. It had become an important annual festival in the tourism industry of China.

In order to fully promote Chongqing’s tourism industry, help the recovery of tourism in the post-epidemic period, China’s Travel Day Chongqing Branch venue this year was held in Yongchuan on May 19. Meanwhile, it will boost tourism consumption and help the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle. The event was organized by Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development and Yongchuan People’s Government while it was held by the Yongchuan Publicity Department and Yongchuan District Commission of Culture and Tourism Development. At the same time, various districts and counties in Chongqing also launched a series of tourism-themed activities and beneficial policies.

The 2020 China’s Travel Day Chongqing Branch venue was held in Yongchuan, trying to boost local tourism.

For example, the Karst Tourist Regions, Baima Mountain Scenic Spot, and Longshui Gorge Scenic Spot in Wulong District will provide more than ten thousands of tickets to Sichuan tourists for free, during May to July. The Locajoy Theme Park will implement a ticket-free policy for children under 14 years old (including 14 years old) from May 30 to June 1. In addition, scenic spots in Wushan will be free for medical staff members throughout China, Chongqing public security, and transportation system workers. Liangping will launch a series of activities from late May to August, including several boutique itineraries related to China’s Travel Day, such as the Homestay Experience Route of Bamboo Sea, Bamboo Sea Summer Holiday Tourism Festival, and the Experience of Ancient Post Road along with the Bamboo Sea.

There are many scenic spots in Chongqing will provide beneficial policies to tourists from Chongqing and Sichuan

In addition, the Chongqing-Sichuan Cultural Tourism Corridor · Self-Service Traveling kicked off several days ago. There were 73 scenic spots in Chongqing, providing 600,000 free tickets for Sichuan tourists.


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