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NPC Deputy Liu Jiaqi: More Guidance and Investment in Rural Residential Improvement


As the Two Sessions are drawing near, Liu Jiaqi, deputy of the National People’s Congress and secretary of the CPC branch of Muhe Village, Nantuo Town, Fuling District, becomes busier than usual. In recent days, he was busy leading the villagers to pick loquats.

After years of indefatigable efforts, Muhe Village has now realized a specialty industry of fruit trees with loquat in spring, litchi in summer, longan in autumn, and navel orange in winter. Last year, the per capita net income of farmers in the village reached 17.6 thousand yuan.

Then, Liu Jiaqi began to pay more attention to the ecological environment protection and rural living environment improvement.

This year, Liu Jiaqi will continue to focus on the renovation of rural human settlements. “The random construction around the house, stacking of firewood, and the littering of garbage are all true portraits of some places in the village.” Liu Jiaqi said that once when he was trying to persuade villagers on something, some of the villagers said rightfully, “How to pile firewood and raise chickens are habits in decades. I can’t change them at all!”

Farmers take fertilizer to water flowers in the newly built septic tank

Liu Jiaqi believes that the low participation of public affairs and holding to old ideas are the common problems in the improvement of the rural living environment in China. Muhe Village has made some progress in educating the villagers by way of evaluation and listing.

Villagers wash in their newly renovated toilets

“The improvement of the rural residential environment also needs guidance and investment in facilities and equipment from the government level.” Liu Jiaqi said that at the Two Sessions, he will continue to call for more efforts to improve the rural living environment, facilitate the greening and brightening of the countryside, thus making villages a better place to live, work, and tour.


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