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Two Rivers and Four Riversides Core Area to be Built into Chongqing's New Name Card


On May 13, the overall upgrading of the core area along the Two Rivers and Four Riversides was fully launched: This year, 76 projects were first commenced with a total investment of about 44 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2025 the core area will be built into a world-renowned travel destination that pleasures the people nearby and attracts the people from afar, as well as a city name card that showcases Chongqing as a land of natural beauty and a city with cultural appeal.

Chongqing has long been reputed as a city of night views, hot pots, bridges, and hot springs. What makes the core area stand out? How can we build it and what will it look like?

What are the highlights?

“The core area is enclosed by Chaotianmen-Jiefangbei Area (the intersection area of Yangtze River and Jialing River included), Jiangbeizui Area, and Danzishi-Longmenhao Area. The total area is about 16.2 square kilometers, of which the land area is about 10 square kilometers,” noted the person in charge, adding that by 2025 the area is set to be built into a historical and cultural landscape attraction that inherits Bayu culture and bears nostalgic memories, a scenic city meeting room where people can experience and appreciate the views of the mountains and rivers, and a commercial and business center where the economic function can be expanded and future development can be started. The area will be built in line with the national 5A scenic spot standard to push forward the high-quality development of Changjiahui’s big scenic spot.

As a city of mountains and rivers and a city of three-dimensional, Chongqing’s resources are most concentrated in the core area; Chongqing’s charm is fully reflected in this area,” stressed the person in charge, adding that the overall improvement will follow the principle of “reducing quantity, leaving blank, increasing green, and beautifying the environment” and make full use of resources to further demonstrate Chongqing’s charm as a city of mountains and waters and a city of three-dimensional.

How to string the highlights?

The core area is the most prosperous area in Chongqing. Traffic problem in the area, however, has long been a headache.

“The Implementation Plan fully takes into account the traffic problem. One is to better connect the inside and outside the traffic of the core area, and the other is to string the numerous highlights in the core area,” mentioned the person in charge, adding that Chongqing will build a “4 + N” convenient travel system in the core area.

For instance, by relying on the existing Line 6 and loop line, the rail transit will form an 11-kilometer rail loop; Line 18 will be extended to string Shibati Old Street, Huguang Guild Hall, Chaotianmen, Danzishi, etc.

In terms of land transportation, there are Changbin Road renovation, Leijiapo interchange, and Guohui Center-Nanbin Road connection, forming a “two rivers and three bridges” 13-kilometer tour bus loop line; the medium traffic volume transportation system of Nanbin Road and Changbin Road is put into operation, connecting the riverside bikeway of the Two Rivers and Four Riversides.

In regards to water transportation, a 15-kilometer water bus loop line will be constructed, and the shuttle interval will be shortened to form a water traffic inner ring fast line that links Chaotianmen-Danzishi-Jiangbeizui.

How to optimize and upgrade?

“During the overall upgrade construction process of the core area, the issue of how to further stimulate the vitality of the city must be taken into account,” said the person in charge, elaborating a series of specific measures.

Chaotianmen-Jiefangbei Area: Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street will be transformed and upgraded to build into a national demonstration pedestrian street, and Raffles China-Singapore Cooperation Demonstration Park will be built as well;

The overlooking of Jiangbeizui CBD.

Jiefangbei Area: Efforts will be put to build an international financial center to form three major commercial axes of Juxian Street, Grand Theatre, and Sandong Bridge.

Nanbin Road is to be integrated with Jiguanshi and Nanshan Area to form a headquarters economic functional area.

Danzishi-Longmenhao Area: Nanbin Road is to be integrated with Jiguanshi and Nanshan Area to form a headquarters economic functional area, a financial opening experimental zone, and an international cooperation exhibition area; a global golden tourism belt will also be built along the line of Nanbin Road-Guangyang Island; a night economy core area is planned to be built to boost the development of night economy.


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A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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