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NPC Deputy Zhu Mingyue: How Did ZBJ.com to Weather Through COVID-19 Outbreak?


The unexpected epidemic has pushed ZBJ Co., Ltd. on the verge of extreme survival again. With 3,000-plus employees and no revenue during the epidemic, each month, the company faced a fixed expenditure of over RMB 60 million. When everyone stayed at home for safety, an enterprise was at a life-or-death moment. How did the company weather through the epidemic?

Zhu Mingyue, an NPC deputy and founder of ZBJ Co., Ltd., has been exploring how to survive amid the challenge.

Tens of millions of profits secured during staying at home

Zhu Mingyue, an NPC deputy and founder of ZBJ Co., Ltd

The unexpected COVID-19 was like a stretch of insuperable gobi desert: over 3,000 employees, over RMB 60 million of fixed expenses each month, and a cash flow that can sustain only three months.

In February, during the epidemic, no one among the company’s 3,000 employees went to the office or paid visits to customers. However, they delivered tens of millions of profits while staying at home.

“The operating cash flow was positive.” After the work resumption, the company’s performance hit a record since the beginning of 2019, and that of March also showed growth, said Zhu Mingyue. “This is very rare.”

Currently, the platform is showing a bustling scene, and the revenue on the business side has realized over 100% growth. Both website visits and transactions are showing tens of percent or even 100% growth.

Unless self-rescue, the cash flow will break in three months

In the epidemic fighting, Zhu Mingyue saw a burst of energy when the whole company united as one.

In the word “crisis” (“wei ji” in Chinese, “wei” means danger and “ji” opportunity), how did the company turn uncertainty into an opportunity?

On February 3, the company held an online conference for all employees, announcing online work resumption.

“Unless self-rescue, the cash flow will break in three months. That’s the fact we had to face.” Zhu Mingyue showed the company’s available resources at the conference. In the eyes of Zhu Mingyue, it was better to tell employees the company’s status and pressure, and let them judge the situation themselves, than leave himself alone anxiously in a small space. “I believe the judgment of our employees, and believe that they can figure out the truth of reality.” It was a self-rescue participated by all employees, where no leadership can play a leading role, said Zhu Mingyue.

He ignited himself like a match and threw himself into a crowd of matches. In this way, the passion of every employee was ignited. During that period, many employees worked around the clock, and many teams worked 14 hours each day. Zhu Mingyue also stuck to his post and worked with others to solve thorny problems.

“Never underestimate employees, especially the judgment and energy of front-line employees. I think it was a good bet,” said Zhu Mingyue.

After their energy was stimulated, on February 11, the company offered an online open course for all employees to learn countermeasures: all-employee marketing, sparing no effort to develop new products, maintaining productivity, cutting costs, and shaping sound employee relations.

70,000 people offer flexible services for 300,000 enterprises

After the work resumption online, the company launched the Fighting Epidemic and Safeguarding Corporate Lifeline Action, planning to pool together a large number of professionals to serve enterprises.

Data show that during the two months after work resumption, the company has pooled together over 70,000 professionals online, who offered online services to over 300,000 enterprises.

For instance, Chongqing Rail Transit Line 4 Construction and Operation Co., Ltd. hoped the company to develop an epidemic-fighting management system for work resumption. The initial communication was made on February 13. Thanks to ZBJ.COM’s flexible recruitment services, the project was completed and delivered on February 20.

For many offline enterprises for which it is difficult to resume online work, ZBJ.COM has launched the Enterprise Outsourcing Service Cloud System to enable whole-process online service purchasing and regular operation of enterprises.

“After work resumption, many indicators have exceeded expectations,” sighed Zhu Mingyue.


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