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Chongqing Birds Watching Club: Chongqing is An Eagle Flying City


Chongqing- In the spring, the eagle moved northwards to Chongqing. Chongqing is a mountain city and an “Eagle Flying City”. In May, iChongqing came to Geleshan to wait and observe the migration of raptors with the Chongqing Bird Watching Club. We have also interviewed Wei Qian, the president of Chongqing Bird Watching Club, and the member Han Zheng. They introduced the Chongqing Bird Watching Club and the occurrence of raptors in Chongqing.

Chongqing – the Mountain City, also has its unique name, Chongqing Parallel Ridge (also known as Parallel Valley in East Sichuan). These parallel mountain ranges are about one to three kilometers wide and stretch for hundreds of kilometers. They provide excellent route guidance and ascending air for migrant raptors in Chongqing. They are rare in inland China as a raptor’s migration corridor. Raptors, also commonly known as eagles, are distributed all over the world, and more than 60% of the species have migration habits. Most raptors live solitary, only in the migration season, migration channels that rely on special terrain that provide good migration conditions become their moments of short meeting.

Wei Qian is watching birds

A large number of raptors gathered together to form a spectacular scenery, attracting people to stop and observe.

The migrating raptors will travel between the wintering ground in the south and the breeding ground in the north during the spring and autumn seasons. Different species, their destinations will not be exactly the same, some in the south will go to the Indochina Peninsula, some will go to the Malay Peninsula, and even more will go to Indonesia and New Guinea. In the north, they will fly to East Siberia, Northeast China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan, and those places are all homes for their breeding offspring.

members of birds watching club

These raptors with migratory habits like Accipiter gentilis (苍鹰), Aviceda leuphotes (黑冠鹃隼), Butastur indices (灰脸鵟鹰) belong to migratory birds. The protection of migratory birds is often more difficult than that of resident birds. “Because we need to have integrated and coordinated protection of their breeding grounds, wintering grounds, and entire migration routes. Raptors, as a group at the top of the natural food chain, their conditions can sensitively reflect changes in the entire ecosystem, which is also the reason that we keep our heads up in Chongqing every year and go to scientifically record down,” said Wei Qian.


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