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Fantastic Places to See Windmills in Chongqing's Summer


When referring to windmills, the Netherlands, known as the country of the windmill, will pop up into our minds immediately. They can be used to generate energy and even constitute beautiful scenery. The following places in Chongqing will offer you an opportunity to appreciate windmills, watch the stars all over the night sky and listen to the murmurs of groves of bamboos.

Siyuanping, Wulong District

You can experience the romantic, exotic customs at Siyuanping without traveling a distance to the Netherlands. The combination of big windmills and the blue sky and white clouds will make you perfectly presented in any photos.

Siyuanping, Wulong District

Siyuanping enjoys unique scenery, including picturesque sunset, windmills, and groves of bamboos. With the average temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius here, it’s best to sleep under a thin quilt at night. Many tourists like camping in tents here. It’s an excellent way to get closer to nature. On top of that, adults and children have a good time on trails around the lake and in fishing paradise.

Add.: The top of Danzi Mountain, Heshun Town, Wulong County

Self-driving: Downtown Chongqing–Inner Ring Expressway–South Ring Interchange–Chongqing-Hunan Expressway–Baima Link–Turntable of Baima Town–Siyuanping

Nantianmen, Wansheng District

At the top of the verdant Nantianmen, Shilin Town,  Wansheng District, 16 windmills spinning in the wind form a picture scroll against the blue sky and white clouds.

Nantianmen, Wansheng District

Situated in the high altitude area at the junction of Chongqing and Guizhou Province, with an altitude ranging from 1,300 – 1,650 meters, Nantianmen is praised as a “summer resort” and a “natural oxygen bar” because of its pleasant scenery and climate. At dusk, the villages, smoke rising from the chimney, wooded mountain and stone path in the distance are all rendered into an “orange ocean” in the setting sun, reminding people of the myths and legends of Nantianmen. It is also a great place to camp in tents. Accompanied by mountains, flowers, groves of bamboos, and stars, you will have a different sleep experience.

Add.: Chayuan Village, Shilin Town, Wansheng District

Self-driving: Downtown Chongqing–Inner Ring Expressway–Lanzhou-Haikou Expressway–Qijiang-Wansheng Expressway–Nantong North Road–X867 Road–Nantianmen

Shiziping, Shizhu County

Shiziping is close to Huangshui Town, but it is less vibrant and keeps a purer atmosphere than the latter. There is a unique wind power observation platform. At the top of the mountain with an altitude of 1,790 meters, rows of windmills rumble in the wind.

The road leading up to the top of the mountain from the main road has not yet dried out, and the gravel road has been washed away by the rain, leaving a few furrows. If you don’t drive an SUV, just walk up. It only takes a few minutes. The top of the mountain at Unit 14 is the best observation point, suggested by locals. Personal feelings vary from one observation point to another. The scenery during the day and at dusk is completely different.

Add.: Shazi Town, Shizhu County

Self-driving: Downtown Chongqing–G50S Expressway–Fuling District–Fengdu County–Shizhu County–Shazi Town

Dafengmen, Fengdu County

Dafengmen at Wuping Town is an excellent place to watch windmills. Looking around, the windmills on the steep and tall mountains stretch for several kilometers, creating amazing scenery.

Dafengmen, Fengdu County

Wuping Town is also home to the summer resort of Jade Snow Mountain (Xueyu Mountain). It’s a place of incredible scenery, which creates an out-of-reach but close-at-hand feeling.

Add.: Dafengmen, Wuping Town, Fengdu County

Self-driving: Downtown Chongqing–Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway South–Longcha Road–Dafengmen

Jinfeng Mountain, Fengjie County

With its long-standing reputation for its breathtaking peak clusters and a sea of clouds, Jinfeng Mountain has become a tourist magnet. A new landscape is emerging at Jinfeng Mountain, where windmills in its wind farm spinning in the mountains and fields and the carefully designed blue and white blades against the blue sky and white clouds further deepen the obscurity of its sea of clouds.

Jinfeng Mountain, Fengjie County

Add.: Qinglong Town, Fengjie County

Self-driving: Downtown Chongqing–Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway–National Highway 318–Tunbao-Fengji Expressway –Jinfeng Mountain

So gently holding the hand of your beloved and strolling under the romantic windmills and stars in the light sky, and in the bamboo sea, you two are beautiful scenery.


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