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9 Featured Routes for Leisure Time on Weekends in Chongqing


Chongqing – On June 18, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development launched a series of activities themed with “Travel around Chongqing on Weekends” and introduced the first batch of routes for weekend tour. Taking the event of “2020 Chongqing Showcase” as a good opportunity, the commission extended an invitation to people for leisure tours in the countryside, aiming to boost the recovery of the cultural tourism market.

The activities will be held from June to November. In combination with the second season of “2020 Chongqing Showcase,” all districts and counties will launch special theme tourist route experience activities, such as self-help tours for young families, special tours for retired people and summer travel programs for teens as well as other key cultural tourism products including tours in ecological rural areas, ancient towns, places of revolutionary interest, the countryside, summer resorts and country houses apart from folklore tour and outdoor sports tour.

Nine routes for travelling on weekends are highly recommended for leisure time on weekend trip around Chongqing.

Hanfeng Lake National Wetland Park

Four Routes in Kaizhou District

Route 1: Water themed tours around Hanfeng Lake

Main urban area——Juzi Garden——Fengyu Covered Bridge——Hanfeng Lake National Wetland Park——Water Sports Club ——Return

Route 2: Educational tour in the spirit of Liu Bocheng

Main urban area——former residence of Comrade Liu Bocheng—Kaizhou Museum—Junshen Square—Liu Bocheng Memorial Hall —Old Kaizhou City—Juzi Garden——Return

Former residence of Comrade Liu Bocheng

Route 3: Xuebao Mountain ecological tour

Main urban area——Kaizhou District—Longtouzui Forest Park—Hot Spring Ancient Town—Baqu Ecological Tea Garden—Mazha Tourism Area—Guanmian Tourist Town —Xuebao Mountain National Forest Park——Return

Former residence of Comrade Liu Bocheng

Route 4: Scenic country tour

Main urban area——Fucheng Village, Changsha Town, Kaizhou District——Qisheng Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Zone——Shengshan Botanical Garden——Colorful Dade——Maocheng Peach Orchard——Return

Themed tours around Pengshui County

Route 5: Relaxing tour in Miao Village

Main urban area——Chiyou Jiuli Town——Mowei Mountain Scenic Area——Ayi River Scenic Area——Wujiang River Gallery——Return

Ayi River

Route 6: Folklore tour

Main urban area——Chiyou Jiuli Town——Wujiang River Gallery——Anzi Miao Village——Return

Anzi Miao Village

Route 7: Landscape tour

Main urban area——Mowei Mountain Scenic Area——Ayi River Scenic Area——Wujiang River Gallery——Return

Route 8: Summer resort tour

Main urban area——Chiyou Jiuli Town——Mowei Mountain Scenic Area——Ayi River Scenic Area——Return

Two-day travel routes around Hechuan

Chiyou Jiuli Town

Route 9:

Main urban area——Laitan Old Town——Laitan Erfo Temple——Diaoyu Citadel——Three Rivers——Wenfeng Ancient Street——Caojie Old Street——Return



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